X button debate

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Deadguy said:
lol visor wipers!

How about a "make yer mommy get you your friggin' chocolate milk" button?

heh heh.. ya'll remember that one?

Maybe it's a taunt button? moon yer opponents, or give 'em the finger!

automatic teabaggin' mechanism
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Chewdog316 said:
Its a shield.
What is your source. Considering Bungie has not released any info it yet apart from the stuff in the thread, we will have to wait for teh beta in late spring. Even then it will not be very rough and sketchy. only on the release date may we understand it's full power.

Got this from the easter egg site from red.-
There are three confirmed grenade types: Frag, Plasma, and Spike Grenades. In the Et Tu, Brute, four grenade types were seen, however, the fourth grenade has not been confirmed. However, Frankie has said that it is not the shield grenade and that the fourth grenade might not make it into the final game at all. The bar that tells you how much of your shield you have left seems to have been moved to the top of the screen and centered.

Also about the recording thing, Pretty sure that the x button will not affect it cuz the recording will be in the post carnage report. That is what they said in the EGM mag a few months back.
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I like the idea of making cheaters blow up more, but thats why I lay non ranked games, to avoid most of them, however that usually leaves easy prey......not many challenges
For the last time, Bungie has said that there will be no shield grenade. There might not even be a fourth type for the final game.
you cannot take Bungie's words literally, anything that comes from them does stuff like this and messes you up, that being said this is unavoidable
I think a wrestle tackle would be flipping awesome. Just do it Bungie! If your not close, make it a sprint!
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