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When should i get my xbox 360... my dad took my xbox...long story i can get it back from him but i rather have a 360 or mabey Dreg's 370... ;-)
but anyways when do you guys think i should buy one, and should it be off of ebay with gears of war?
MAKE sure it u don't get the infected ones. 3 lights and ur screwed.. (personal exp.) Def. worth it though. Get Rainbow 6 Vegas. AMZING. every review I have read has said that it beats gears in every way it counts.. and it has an amzing multiplayer(so i have heard)
they aren't that hard to get now, and you can always trade in your xbox and games that aren't bc at gamestope to help offset the cost of a 360. BTW they now come with a 1yr manufacture warentee. So no worries if you buy one retail somewhere.

Gears is awsome
Ben i have a 360 and every now and then it seems its hasing some trouble and I stil have my 1 year warrentee, if it poops out on me and i bring it in to GS would i be able to swap Hard drives so i can keep my save data?
yeah about trading in my xbox..............well...i cant exactally do that unless they take ......hmm.. lets just leave it at that. ;-)
yes if you got it from gamestop and you bought thier warentee they will let you keep the hardrive, if you didn't then you only send the unit itself back to M$ not the hardrive so again you will still have your save data.

What is your 360 doing I may be able to troubleshoot it for you.
Someone told me that Costco is selling the 360 premium paccage, a wireless controller, and a few other accaecories, plus GoW for $400 (maybe it was $500, actually but whatever)
One thing is i click open the tray and sometime it sticks and then i have to try opening it 3 times.

My other issue is my disc are spotless but it stop and tells me to clean um
Just a cool side note about returns: it's free now to have any one the defective 2005 models repaired. I didn't even have a reciept, and they repaired mine for free....shipping included.
I bought mine at COSTCO but it still froze. IT is a great deal though, especally to get started
I got my 370, err 360 back. Ben ur right. I went back the store, and they exchanfged it on the spot. No prob. Thanks for the idea. Get it at Costco(or Gamestop) but their deal is great. xtra controleler + play charge kit for only 25$ more (so total is 425.)
it's never a problem with a good retail store. We can always fudge it so that we get credit back from the manufacture. In the long run from our point of view it's all about the customer. Or at least thats how it is at my store.
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