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does anyone know how to connect to xbox live on a 360 through a computer receiving a wireless connection??
Call microsft, or ask about a wireless adapter. I need the info as well. PM Ben Streeper (I think that is his name) He might be able to tell us since he works a Gamestop.
too much work for such a slow connection, by the time you do all that you've cut your 100bp connection down to about 10bp. Not worth the time, or the effort. Just use a wire, it's faster/ cheaper, and more secure.
ive done it before and never lagged, and i wouldnt be able to run a wire because my computer and xbox are on the opposite side of the house where the gateway is, so it would be more expensive to get a 100 or 150 foot cable and then run it across the house.
So basically it picks up the wireless signal from ur wireless internet and puts it on to xbox live? Can u go in to a bit mroe deatial with it.
Yeah, check it out here.

the only bad part is its 100 bucks and microsoft won't allow any third parties to make one. My friend has had one for over a year and it still works fine.
But it will connect to the actual wireless signal and not pick up the one throught the pc. good bad maybe . ebay like ben said has some great deals
well you can connect to the pc if you are all on the same network, and can still stream audio and media. (If you have updated your 360 of course)
sory but i need to be sure. If i plug this adapter in to my 360, then it will pick up the signal from the router not from my pc. right or way off. plus how does it stream vids if it is not connected to the pc

wait does it become part of the infrasructuer network?
basically any wireless device can connect to each other through the router it is connected too. The computer must have a recent version of windows media player (11) wich will automatically share/stream media from your computer to your 360 once you connect (option in 360 menu). You can llok at more info on wireless streaming on go to

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