Yayap The Grunt and Fuel Rod Cannon

I had something similar in my right thumb, what did the docs say about it?
Haven't seen a doctor yet since their only opening was months from now unfortunately, but I'll be bringing everything up to them and hopefully starting to get to the bottom of my health issues.
I am currently straying towards the desire to customize my Grunt cosplay more towards my liking rather than sticking strictly to cosplaying Yayap, however the general look will still be heavily inspired by Yayap in terms of structure and armor pieces. I have 100% always been a custom cosplayer where I have bent the characters I cosplay to my will. Part of it is for comfort, and part of it is personal preference. I like when a part of me gets to shine through and having something that uniquely me brings me incredible joy. So...be prepared for me....as a Grunt...if that makes sense...???
So, the pattern for the Fuel Rod Cannon is at a point where I can begin the build process and decide on what size I will be going with. The pattern presented here will not reflect the final product because I will be eliminating some parts to ensure ease of use and to simplify the build process to finish within my time restrictions. I want to have this weapon done by the Gaming Expo in March so I don't have to worry about it later. However, the light features may still come later since that is one of the new things I have to learn for this entire cosplay.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 135216.png
So, here is the pattern printed out and taped together. I printed it at 41 inches long while lore accurate size is 51 inches long. It appears to be a good size but is still rather massive so it's gonna be a process. My next step is to mark up the pattern to my liking and start building it piece by piece. I will be using higher density foam for any parts that will be taking on the weight of the prop around the handle, then I will use worbla for further reinforcement. Some things will also be connected with dowels to create stronger bonds and prevent ripping. Where am I going to put this thing when it's done?

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