Yet Another DOOM Slayer Praetor Suit (2016) Build

The Boots (Part 2)​

I finally designed and printed the foot piece. It is one solid piece which, took me 35 hours to print. It barley fits on my printer.
Foot design.PNG

Printing it was the easy part. The hard part was the attachment, to the rest of the boot.
I had the following requirements:
  • Needs to stand on its own
  • It should be flexible and not one solid thing, so I can walk in them naturally
  • It should not be glued to one pair of shoes, so I can use whatever shoe I like.
  • I still can put on shoes on my own, when dressing up
It took my quite some time to come up with a solution for these problems. I ended up attaching the parts loosely with only two buckles, and some support foam for stability. The buckles are attached to a short piece of elastic band, so it is moveable.
It can stand on its own, because the foam lays directly on the printed part. It has quite some weight, so I hope it does not wear off to quick or deform when I run in them a whole day.

To put them on, I first put on the calf part and then put on shoes. After that I can slide the printed piece above my shoe and attach it via the buckles to the calf piece. It still requires a bit of fumbling, but it works pretty good (at least for one foot, I have not done the other foot yet)

The Result​


There is also a LOT of padding inside the calf piece, because the proportions are simply inhuman. I went with the original scaling for all pieces which was a big mistake. But at least it looks pretty accurate that way.

Video proof of how flexible the piece is:

Next Up​

This was only the left boot, so I still need to do the right one (well basically this could also be the right one as they are designed symmetrically).
I hope I get the other one done faster, now that I know how to do it.

Almost complete​

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that my cosplay is almost complete.
I asked my friend for another quick photo session and it was the first time since months that I wore the complete armor again.



My mannequin is also growing. In retrospect it was a good choice not to buy a regular mannequin, but only half a body and a hanger. Because with the hanger I can adjust the height pretty good. I guess a regular mannequin would be to short. I hope I can figure out a way to also attach the arms to the mannequin.
Full_size_mannequin (scaled).jpg


Walking feels weird and I always need to take care not to damage my printed parts, but it could be worse. I would complain much more about the mobility of my arms or the vision of my helmet.
The helmet is the only thing now which would keep me away from a cosplay con, because I definitely can't wear the helmet for more than a few minutes. I will have to improve it with some air conditioning.
Here is a video of me walking (no sound):

Next Up​

There are still few things missing like the codpiece. I think I will try to design a new one, because the piece which I have is a little bit small. It looks good on the mannequin, but it does not look good on me, because I am taller.

My to-do list:
- New codpiece
- Air conditioning for the helmet
- Paint the shoulders
- Apply clear coat on all painted parts
- Improve the back and paint it
- Attach arms to my mannequin
- Make the super shotgun as prop (almost forgot about weapons)
- Add bluetooth speaker to blast DOOM music
- More details etc.

The list is not ordered by priority, it is just a few things that I thought of right now.
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Looks great! My helmet stays cool and clear, even in the warmer weather. I dremeled out all the vents, and glued in black covid mask material to hide the gaps. Although the foam might naturally be a little cooler than plastic.

The super shotgun model I used is really phenomenal, it took a long time to print but it couldn't be more convincing after I weathered it and did a little shimming with the hinge and safety. I think the modeler's name was Lilykill. He had an Eternal shotgun too with working extractors, but I'm not good enough with 3D printing to take that on. And I think the 2016 one is a sleeker design anyway.
I dremeled out all the vents
Well the vents of my helmet are all shut and I do not want to damage my collectors edition ^^. I will try to put some fans inside the helmet. If that does not help I might print my own helmet, the helmet I got is for doom eternal anyway.

The super shotgun model I used is really phenomenal, it took a long time to print but it couldn't be more convincing after I weathered it and did a little shimming with the hinge and safety. I think the modeler's name was Lilykill
The model from LilyKill looks good and the files are also not too expensive. I love the details of the model, with all the engraving.
But I already started to print the super shotgun from JohnnyDarling (aka Brendan Lautissier) on thingiverse. It is free to use and also comes with a hinge. I modified it a little bit and might upload a remix for it when I am done. The model has less details, but I always prefer something like this over too many details, because details always make painting more difficult.
There is also a model for the doom eternal shotgun on thingiverse, but I guess the super shotgun is more classy.

The Super Shotgun (Part 1)​

I have printed the classic super shotgun from DOOM 2016. As I already said I used this thing from Brendan Lautissier, which is quite good, but there was some room for improvement, that's why I edited it (I will upload a remix on thingiverse later).

The worst part about the original thing was the scaling. It was uploaded in a very high resolution and he did not said on which scale to print it, so I thought 50% would be a good size. But after printing the barrel and the handle I quickly realized that it is still way to big. Then I read in the comments, that people recommend 40% scaling. But it was too late for me to change it. So now I have this really big super shotgun. It weights around 1 kg and is 83 cm long!


One of my edits was to add holes a few neodymium magnets so, the barrel stays in place after loading it up.

Also added a little doom mark engraving. That is actually not part there in the game, but I thought it would look cool

Next Up​

The handle needs to be painted, but I will do that later, as I do not have the colors for it right now. But I like the idea of Brendan Lautissier to have the print layers visible as they remind of natural wood structure. He even recommends to just paint it with wood stain. Here is a picture of his work:
Handle Paint job (scaled).jpg

The last thing I want to add are some shotgun shells, which I want to design with special doom engraving.

Shotgun (Paint Job)​

I have painted the shotgun, I tried to use wood stain for a more realistic look, but I tested it on a failed print and it did not came out that good. That is why I painted it with "boring" plain brown color which I had lying around. Not super realistic looking, but definitely good enough.

Shotgun Shells​

I also designed shotgun shells, but they were hard to print. I did not wanted to paint them, so I split the shotgun shell into 2 pieces and bought gold and red filament. It does match perfectly. But no matter how I printed the brass head of the shells, there was always one side which was messed up. I learned some new tricks like concentric print lines and ironing for a super flat surface, but I just have not found the perfect settings and simply gave up and took the best of what I had so far.


As you can see on the pictures I also tried some engravings. But the engraving at the top was just horrible, so I only added the DOOM mark on the side.

Anyway here is the thingiverse link in case some one wants to print my remix of the shotgun.
Thingiverse link: DOOM (2016) Super Shotgun (improved and scaled) by Whatever6

Next Up​

I will probably print a wall holder for the shotgun as it is too big to store it otherwise. Cant decide between the "boring" version or the super cool version :D
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I love doomslayer suits! Those fingers dont look too comfortable, but I know that you're going for look.

My First Convention​

So I was on the Gamescom in Germany. It was my first convention and it was amazing. The people loved my cosplay. Even though a lot of them confused me with Master Chief from Halo :rolleyes:... But anyway a lot of people asked to take photos with me. I even went on stage to get interviewed and got a photo shooting with a professional cosplay photograph (see @eosandy_ on Instagram). It was fun and definitely worth the effort!
DSC01084 (scaled).jpg
DSC01113 (scaled).jpg
DSC01185 (scaled).jpg
DSC01225 (scaled).jpg

I left my shotgun at home, because I was not sure if security would let me go in with it. It probably would have been no problem, but I was glad that I did not have to carry the shotgun around, because I was already carrying my helmet around as I could not hear or see that much with the helmet on. I might will create some sort of shotgun holster for next time. I also need to improve a few thing especially the connections, some got very loose at the end of the day.
And I definitely need to learn some more poses (mine were pretty boring I guess). But my mobility does not allow me to move my arms that much, so I hope my poses will look better next time when I also so carry the shotgun.

Next Up (Shoulder Cannon and Repairs)​

First of all I need to fix all damages caused by wearing it at the con, but I also do work on some new Parts.
I want to add the shoulder cannon from DOOM Eternal to the cosplay. I know it does not belong to the 2016 version which I focus on but I had a cool idea, to integrate a Bluetooth speaker into it ^^'
JBL Launcher prototype.PNG


It is way to much effort to include the Bluetooth speaker instead of just printing the whole cannon thing, but I love the challenge and the idea was stuck in my mind so I had to do it.
More from that when I am done.

A few Updates​

I finally painted both shoulders and applied clear coat to all of my painted parts.
I also did some other minor improvements and repairs. For example, I tried to fix the angle of the knees, because they were weird. They look a little bit better now than before.

Here are some more pictures from my last convention that I went to (this time with my shotgun):
DSC02706 (scaled).jpg
DSC02711 (scaled).jpg
DSC02728 (scaled).jpg

Animal Crossing Special:​

I hope you all know the memes with DOOM and Animal Crossing cross over. This is my favorite of these memes:

I was super excited when I saw this photo booth at the convention and simply had to take some funny pictures:
DSC02814 (scaled).jpg
DSC02798 (scaled).jpg
DSC02784 (scaled).jpg

Side mission: Key card holder:​

This is a blue key card like you find them in the DOOM game (it's from thingiverse):
Business Card Design Front Part_DOOM.jpg
Whatever6 business card.jpeg

On the Gamescom a lot of people asked me if I had any social media and I was tired of spelling my Instagram name for them. So for my last convention I designed a business card and put it into the ID holder, so I can show it to people if they ask me for Instagram name or whatever. Print quality was not that great, but it's fine I guess.

Next Up​

I am still working on the shoulder cannon and I am also working on the back of my suit. I am designing armor pieces to print and put on the back.
The shoulder cannon is finish and printed, but I still need to attach it to the suit, which will probably be the hardest part considering the weight of the Bluetooth box.

If it did not had to hold the weight of the Bluetooth box it would be so much easier but well this is the way I go now...

Stay tuned and thanks for all the likes and kind comments :)
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I think I'm going to have to ask you for your help to pick my jaw up of the floor because my god this cosplay is superb. I just love it.

"Magnificent, isn't it" ~ Samuel Hayden

Belt and Cod Piece v2.0​

I made some progress on my belt, I made a comparison picture below:

V1.0 was sitting waaay to high, so I did not even wear it on any conventions. I now finally made a new version

I printed some new armor parts for the belt to add more details to it:


Normally you would make it all with foam as the belt should be flexible, but I am just not good when it comes to details on EVA foam and even with the printed parts it still flexible enough for me.

I also redesigned the cod piece as my old was not suited for my size. It was hard to think of a mechanism, that still allows me to open the belt, but I got it working somehow (not perfect but better than before):

Next Up:​

I had a to do list and I guess from now on I will just try to go through it:
  • New codpiece
  • Air conditioning for the helmet
  • Create my own helmet instead of using the collectors edition for better modification
  • Improve the back and paint it
  • Add bluetooth speaker to blast DOOM music
  • Add leather to certain parts
  • More shoulder pads
  • Paint the belt
I am basically done with designing the back, but I have not figured out a way to attach my heavy Bluetooth rocket launcher to the back, as it will most likely do not hold with glue alone.

I do not know how it is for you guys when you are building a cosplay, but whenever I want to change something about the armor I'm afraid it will ruin my whole cosplay. So I am overthinking a lot of my changes and this slows my progress down.

I have no clear plan or templates which I can use, so I am really struggling to make decisions as I also do not want to waste materials and time.
Love the costume, was just wondering what's the scale did you use for the 3d printed armor parts, Im using the 5'6" to 5'8" templet and im trying to figure out the correct scaling for the 3d printed armor.
Love the costume, was just wondering what's the scale did you use for the 3d printed armor parts, Im using the 5'6" to 5'8" templet and im trying to figure out the correct scaling for the 3d printed armor.
Well as mentioned earlier in my thread I really do not recommend to use an EVA foam template, if that is the template you are talking about, because it is just not good, but I also do not know which template you are using. I got mine from etsy and it was not worth it.

Anyway to answer your question:
I printed all my armor parts at 100% scale. So all my printed armor is 1:1 scale to the original. But I am also pretty tall I'm 6'4'' (1.95 m), my size comes pretty close to the original size of the DOOM Guy from the game which is 6'8'' (2.03 m).

So if you are 5'6" to 5'8" and do the math you should print your pieces at a scale of about 88%.

The armor is pretty bulky so by design all pieces are really big and you need a lot of padding anyway, so a scale of 88% is just an approximate recommendation value, for some pieces you might want to go even lower and for other you might want to keep it big.

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