Yet Another DOOM Slayer Praetor Suit (2016) Build


~Editing with recent pictures because Google shows the first one in the thread~
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You wanna do the same cosplay?

Most of the 3D files I used are free. Check out my collections on cults3D and thingiverse:

Original Thread Start

So I bought the collectors edition of DOOM Eternal a while ago, where you get this really cool looking helmet which you can actually wear:

(Not my picture, source: twitter)

I've always wanted to do cosplay but never had the time, but with Corona I thought: it's now or never.
I bought myself a big 3D Printer (CR-10 V2 from Creality). I spent a few months just printing little things and get into 3D printing and 3D modeling software. Then my printer broke and it took me a few weeks to repair it.

I bought PETG filament which (luckily) matches the color of the helmet just perfect:

I thought I will be too lazy to paint all the 3D parts (it is a lot of work with all the smoothing), but at the end I painted most of the parts anyway.

I decided to make the 2016 praetor suit as I think the suit from doom eternal doesn't look as good.
Also there are free 3D files for the 2016 praetor suit. See my collection on thingiverse: Doom Slayer: A Collection by Whatever6

I started with the gloves, but I did not like the 3D files, so I improved them a little bit, see my remix on thingiverse: DOOM Slayer Glove improved and scaled by Whatever6

I honestly do not like the print quality but at the moment I focus on the bigger things.

Here are some of the bigger parts from my collection which I printed (party painted) and glued together.


I used some car putty do get rid off the gap, but in retrospect, I could have used it to fill the entire part so its all smooth, that would have saved time on sanding the whole thing.

Decided to print it with my silver metal PLA filament and paint it with spray paint the color is RAL 6031 that is the same color code as the PETG that I used (even tho the color looks a bit weird on this picture).

I bought this cheap military west from china for around $28, which I use as base and to get it a bit more comfy.

I was always a little scared of EVA foam, because it is no material I wanted to work with (I had no experience with it), but I quickly released that I can not print all the parts and I need something to glue everything on (the west just wasn't enough).

Argent inspired my in his thread that EVA foam can look cool and just as detailed as 3D prints. As I never worked with EVA foam I bought a template which is somehow okay, but not good. It has a lot difficult cuts and weird design decisions. I really hate to work with EVA foam it is a mess (especially if you want to smooth the parts with a Dremel), but I am slowly getting used to it.

Here is the upper body which I got so far:

It is slowly looking like something. I had most of the parts just randomly lying around for months it feels good to finally see some progress, but I guess it is still a long way to go.

Will update this thread when I ever I got the time.

BTW for all which are currently also making a praetor suit. I found this picture which is very good and detailed for reference:
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I was able to complete the basic framework for the torso this weekend. It took me a bit longer, because I did not use the template which I got for the lower torso.

Ignore my tower fan which I use as a stand :D


The part can be opened and adjusted via some velcro tape underneath the six pack.
There are still a lot of details missing that I will work on next.

For example, here is my attempt to add more texture to the belly parts:

I believe if I heat that up with a heat gun it will look even better, but I do not have a heat gun at the moment.

The back:

Here, too, many details are still missing and if you look closely it is not symmetrically, but I do not care that much about the back...
I still have to decide if I print the details for the back or if I cut it with some thinner EVA Foam.
There is at least a 3D file for the spine which I could print: DOOM Slayer Spine by JohnnyDarling

But I will focus on the front first and I will probably go off the template for the rest of the torso, as the template sucks and won't even fit after the adjustments that I made.

Until the next update, thanks for the likes so far :)
This is such an amazing job, I have been wanting to do one, and this post of yours just renewed my interest :)
Thanks, I appreciate :) Well, just do it then. I really like seeing other projects from members here on the forum and their approach to the same cosplay.
I started working on it about 3 months ago, if my printer did not broke I may even be further by now. It is no race, but I would like to show it off on Halloween :D

I like to improve it everyday, for example I added this chest buckle yesterday:
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I am finishing off my ODST build before I start a new big project lol. But I think I am convinced and need to make one, so I guess once I get my ODST fitted time to start printing a doom slayer
It's crazy how little detail items change the look of a build.
Progress is slowing down...

I started to do the arms, even if the details of the torso are not finished yet. I some how do not have the motivation to work with EVA Foam right now, that's why I printed most parts of the arms.

The prints took me 1.5 days each. The first print turned out great, but the second somehow messed up. You can not see it in the pictures, but the top half is very unclean and the structure is very weak, I have fear that it will break, I do not know what went wrong, but I do not have enough material to print it again, thats why I covered the mistakes up with some car putty.
I already painted the other part, but somehow my spray can does not work anymore. It feels like it is half full, but nothing comes out. Maybe its clogged or the aerosol inside is gone, will probably have to buy another one...


I designed that part mostly myself, because there is no free of charge part on the internet. But it looks like I did not smoothed it enough (I wanted to preserve the details). I will improve the file for the other elbow. It might also be a little bit too big, so I will also scale it down. If the file is in its final form I will upload it on thingiverse for free, so people do not have to spend $100 just for some 3D files on etsy or wherever.
I am no expert when it comes to 3D design, but I can do at least a little bit of sculpting :)


The Biceps is EVA Foam, cause it is more flexible and think that will be better for that part (used the template for it).

I used PlastiDip as primer, but I have no material to fill the gaps, I might buy some KwikSeal as it really does not look that great with the visible cuts.

The complete arm​

I do not have the parts attached to each other yet, but it fits quite good.
Will make better pictures once it's finished :)

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-15 at 23.24.36.jpg

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The suit is looking great, but if possible I think you should try to look bulkier.
We don't do the body shaming thing here friend.
Building a costume to your exact size will almost always produce a better and more realistic looking result since it will move properly with you.

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Thread followed and ready to see more updates! For the forearm that you're considering an error, was it your most recent print? Also depending on the paint can that you have the nozzle may be able to come off and placed in thinner to remove the clog.
The suit is looking great, but if possible I think you should try to look bulkier.
Thanks, I did a quick comparison to my reference pictures, I think my shoulders do not quite fit yet, that's why it might not look bulkier. I wanted to add a few layers of foam on the shoulders anyway and completely redo the neck brace. Also with the arms attached it will hopefully look better. For the torso itself I think I got the proportions quite correct correct.

But as TurboCharizard said It will be better if it fits to my proportions, I am just not the bulkiest person. I also do not take TylerBH2014 comment as offense I think he did not mean that I have to be bulkier :)
For the forearm that you're considering an error, was it your most recent print? Also depending on the paint can that you have the nozzle may be able to come off and placed in thinner to remove the clog.
Well yes the forearm is not a complete error, as I still used it but the result is just not that clean and strong, you can feel that the structure is wobbly and would break by force. The elbow was my most recent print, which turned out quite good, I simply changed the filament, maybe the flow was not as good as I printed the forearm, but well who knows. I often run into troubles with my printer, maybe it was a little bit clogged.

And for the spray can, yes I removed the nozzle and cleaned it, that seemed to help, but I could not test it yet. I only paint outside and the weather is just not as good at moment. But it was a very cheap paint can so it would not surprise me if it fails.

Thanks for your interest and kind comments :D
Don't get me started on printer issues, I had a roll of PETG turn malicious out of nowhere and ruin two perfectly good printer beds...

Spray paint nozzles do tend to clog up. The advice I always got was to turn the can upside down, then spray until nothing but propellant comes out before you put it away. Then you know the paint's been cleaned out of the system and won't block it up. I've had mixed results with that method, usually I just use turpentine like TurboCharizard suggested.

Looks good! My advice would be to layer foam on the underside of the leather shoulder-padding so the whole thing sits up a bit higher off of your shoulders. I had to go back and do that on mine and it helped the overall shape a lot, hides the neck a bit and make the whole thing look more armor-ey. In my case, once I put the arms on I had to move everything around to fit correctly. The cuirass came up a lot, and then the shoulders moved up relative to the cuirass. It is all a big puzzle, I didn't really know what was going to fit where until the rest was in place.

Kwik-seal does work, but you have to water it down a bit in my experience and do a few coats by smearing with your finger.
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We don't do the body shaming thing here friend.
Building a costume to your exact size will almost always produce a better and more realistic looking result since it will move properly with you.

Thread followed and ready to see more updates! For the forearm that you're considering an error, was it your most recent print? Also depending on the paint can that you have the nozzle may be able to come off and placed in thinner to remove the clog.
I know, I wasn't trying imply that he was skinny or anything, but just with the right padding/strapping, he could look more buff.
I got myself half of a mannequin, which makes it much easier to work with and place it somewhere.

As discussed above I added a few more layers underneath the shoulders and reattached the neck brace, it looks much better now:

I bought new spray cans, with some more colors and painted most of my stuff, with the 2 different green tones.

I used Kwik Seal, to fill my cutting gaps, but I was very impatient, I accidentally bought white kwik seal, which is no great and I only added one layer, which is too less, but that stuff takes like 2 hours to dry, so the gaps are still visible and you can see where I smeared the stuff (even after I spray Plasti Dip as Primer over it. I would no recommend it and probably won't use it again, it does not look better than before...

Anyway here are both arms now:

Unfortunately I have some bad luck with my spray cans, I bought it from another shop and this time the nozzle is faulty and it is leaking every time I spray, I'm pretty pissed, because this time I paid a bit more for the spray paint, but I guess next time I will have to buy the most expensive one just to get a decent quality...
Never the less I still managed to paint everything I needed to at the moment :)

I still have to attach the arm parts to each other, but I improved the elbow file it is much much more smoother now and I even added a way to add a strap through it.

Next time I will focus on the arms hopefully I find a good way to attach them. But I have fear that I have to rearrange the shoulder, because the arms are pretty massive and do not quite fit...
I think I used the white kwik seal on mine a few times, ended up having to rub it in with my finger and a little water. Took like 4 coats over a week or two, it kind of sucked but it ended up being better than the gaping seam I had to fix.

The body is looking great, hopefully all that's required of the shoulders is a little reseating. I had to basically suspend the arms from the inner shoulder area and do a ton of padding and strapping at the elbow to keep stuff in place, it was a lot of trial and error. There is a good reason that video game armor clips into itself a lot.

Anyway, you're going at a good pace. Nice to see stuff start to come together, once the arms go in it's a nice milestone.
Also about Kwik Seal. It's good if you know how to use it. You don't won't to use a ton of it. For example:

Lay some on a seam.

Get your finger wet and smear it over the seam.

Wipe away any excess and wait for it to dry.

Add more layers to your liking.

Like I said, it just depends. I like Kwik Seal, because I'm familiar with it. If you check out my Infinite MC build you can see how I used it. My sealing job wasn't perfect, but it was better than not sealing it.
Took like 4 coats over a week or two, it kind of sucked but it ended up being better than the gaping seam I had to fix.
1-2 week :O ?
Yeah I do not have the time or patient to do that :D I mean I already used water and my finger, but I guess I should have put more time into it and also more time on the clean up, but well I wanted to make some more progress with the painting and could not wait any longer for more coats.

The Kwik seal might helped a little bit and technically I know how to use it but its way too laborious...
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Maybe a little less if you globbed it on thicker, but yeah to do any substantial filling it takes a lot of coats that dry pretty slow. At that point I had been waiting on an ebay order anyway, so it wasn't too bad, but since the stuff shrinks when it dries it ends up being a deceptively tedious process.
Finally got the time for the left glove it turned out much better than my right one. The right one was printed with another printer and I was more inexperienced back then. I almost want to print the right hand again, but I ran out of material:


I saw these special paint eddings in a shop and played with them a bit, to add some red and silver details to my parts:

I think I almost did too much on my glove tho:

It is very shiny, I might rub some of the paint off again. It has also gone a little astray on some parts.

But I really love the details on the chest plate with the light silver touch:

I rearranged both shoulders, but I guess the only visible change is the improvement on the connection piece.
shoulder vs.jpg

I now have enough space to attach the arms, but I still have not figure out a good way to do so.
It is hard to think of a mechanism that holds the arm parts in place but still gives me the ability to put it on myself. The mobility is a big problem as well.

That's it :) just some minor changes but I wanted to share them anyway.
Thanks for all comments and likes so far that really helps me to stay motivated on it (y)
Dang! You are making some progress! The suit is looking great.
At this rate, you and Argent are gonna be done with your suits by the time I get done painting my helmet :lol:
Thanks :)
Yeah I am really happy that I do not have to do the helmet that is probably pretty hard with the visor and stuff ^^'
But please keep it on, I would like to see some more progress on your build, to steal ideas get some more inspiration for my cosplay ;)
You are basically working with the same file as me, so you might run into the same problems when attaching the arms etc.

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