Thought I'd share my repaint of the nerf ma40. Tons of people have done this before so you all know the drill. Sand off the logos, sand the surface, prime and paint. I wanted the gun to still function so I took some reference photos of the inside for when I reassemble
20220718_184519.jpg 20220718_184522.jpg

I also modified the clip and made it shorter because I didn't like how far it stuck out. I took like a big chunk out then put the spring and stuff back in and it still works! It can only hold 5 darts instead of 10 but that is okay with me.

Next I did all the sanding, priming and painting. I didn't get any photos of the sanding and priming phases but I did get one of my second coat of flat black.

After The black coats dried overnight I reassembled the rifle and began taping off the black sections that I wanted to stay black and started mixing acrylic paints and started painting the gun by hand like some kind of maniac (do not recommend painting a whole rifle by hand, it sucks just use rattle cans or an airbrush). After hours of painting I think it turned out great, totally not worth all that painting by hand, next time I will 100% use rattle cans. After all that hand painting I dry brushed on some metallic paint on some edges and stuff to add scratches for weathering.

After all that I added a couple coats of clear coat.

And voila it's all done! This project was fun and I think it'll be a great prop to carry around at a con.
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