You guys that went to Comic Con....

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Lukems said:
What You Left Behind

At last week’s Comic-Con, a Halo fan brought something to Joseph Staten. When Joseph tried to return it the fan said “No.” Upon arriving back in the great Northwest, Joseph had an idea on how to upgrade said item and return it to the fan, but there’s a problem: Joseph doesn’t have this dude’s address.

So: What I need from you, dear mysterious reader is for you to send me a message on with your real name, address, tell me what the item you gave Joseph was and what it was made of, so that we can bestow a treat upon you.

JIC you haven't seen the Bungie Update.
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Poor sucker probably doesn't read the Bungie updates. He's never going to get his Halo-... thing signed.
Nah, they told me they werent at Comic Con this year. They couldve been fibbing but then why didnt they give me my sword there.

I think a fan wanted it signed and walked off without their helmet. Dumb but possible.
westerfield marketing huh. shouldn't' market to the people who will make you stop.
We shall see...just have to be patient methinks and all will be told in due time....yeah that was the most nerdy thing I've ever said :lindsey:

(just kidding :mrgreen: )

But be interesting to see how this turns out..
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