Your favorite Halo meme? Bring it on!


405th Regiment Officer


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Made this one on the fly...Screengrabed some of my own footage here.
Was surprised to gather so many marines up to kizingo boulevard without casualties and had the idea to make this meme:

Me and my buddies  meme.jpg

If you treat your squad well, it will follow you everywhere!

Currently playing some good old H3 Odst (Emphasis on old, playing on my trusty rusty Xbox 360:lol:)
I was really happy to hear that firefight for this game is coming back on the MCC!


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As a PC player, I only ever played Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo: Reach. I have to say Halo CE is my favorite, I passed it countless times. In Halo 2 weapons and sound effects somehow felt weak, even though the game featured ragdoll physics and was much more cinematic. Halo CE on the other hand had that unique sense of mystery that no other Halo game had. You don't know the origin and purpose of this Halo ring at the beginning of the game and the revelations are so cool.
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