Your favorite Halo meme? Bring it on!


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Hey thanks, I'm not sure what you mean about repaint. Only suit I have repainted is my medic armor and it was to repaint it because the white was fading. I have only two sets of armor, my British tank armor and my White Medic armor.
Ok. I thought the eod in your"the medic and the eod" was yours, but I guess the armor looks the exact same


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Ok. I thought the eod in your"the medic and the eod" was yours, but I guess the armor looks the exact same
Haha, it would be super hard to wear two sets of armor at once lol. No, that's my girlfriend's armor. Which she just finished, just has a few more things to build for it then it is complete.


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A Controversial Topic: Camping!
But it makes for some good memes....
Next Level Camping right here:

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Well, you`re screwed anyway....
Unless your me I stuck a teammate with the stick det. And told him to charge the line (which was group not unlike this, save it was halo 4) and well with me with the shactter shot and him with nothing but an ar he ran into the room and made sure he and a power weapon which was a hammer with 10% left and well you know how people are with hammers they could resist it and next thing they know a bunch of radar pings are on their huds the guys near my dead teammate get blown up, the two left trying to find me one runs past me stick the other guy first and before the other guy comes running back in now thinking I'm on the other side of the building and as he starts to run by me the camo drops and blam right in his face with buck shot. For the next five mintues of the match it was then trying to kill me with ars,brs,and carbines. I guess they went to the grunt school of combat for close quarters combat.

And I wish achievement hunter still did fails if the week because this would be a team fail of epics even my team was asking why they kept rushing I told them. "They seek the woolcrown67397, and I welcome them to my home." And usually followed by a frag or two followed by two thumps and me asking someone to bring me a shotgun for the ammo