Your favorite movie and why!

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My favorite movie is Ah! My Goddess The Movie.

Well for the people that dont know Ah! My Goddess.
Its about a boy that can make a day one wish.
He wishes that the goddess that granted his wish stays with him forever.*the goddess is the girl on the cover*
So the adventure begins there is a very wide Manga and about 48 episodes of Anime but the Movie is really outstanding in Sound and Display every sound is diffrent and so uniqeu you have never heard of those sounds in 5.1 in dolby digital.
This movie is a must see for anime/manga fans.

Why is the movie so great you may ask.
Well this movie is more a drama/romantic and i dont like thos kind of genre's.
But this movie has a outstanding balance and just like i said before the sound and display makes it more fun to watch a drama/romantic.
There is action enough but its so much fun to watch it even for the non-anime persons in this world.
This movie rocks Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away far far away because the quality.

Boondock Saints.




Watch the Unrated version, it is sooooooo much better than a censored version.
Oh Geez... I have a list:

1. Saving private Ryan-Best.... War Movie.... Ever!!!!!
1. Army of Darkness-Bruce Cambell is awesome, a Chainsaws for an arm? How freaking cool is that!?
2. 300-Blood, Guts, and Freight train Action, pure Awesomeness
3. V for Vendetta-The best interpretation of the "Count of Monte Crisco Ever, Also Hugo Weaving was so Bad@$$ in this movie
4. South Park: bigger, Longer, and uncut-perfect genius, everything I wanted, made me cry when I laughed.
5.Cloverfield-Even though it isn't out till next year, it looks like pure epic, Can't wait to see it :D
blinkava44 said:
MasterGun said:
saving private ryan :mrgreen: best war movie ever!!!!

i agree either that or BLACK HAWK DOWN!

what a great movie that is.

yes saving private ryan is the best ww2 movie and black hawk down the best modern war movie
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too many to list XD
1. Aliens (marines + aliens= pain. lol i saw it when i was 5 and i just loved it )
2. predator (cloaked hi-tech tribal warrior of doom hunting people :p)
3.Saving Private Ryan ( best war movie ive seen)
4. 300 (ultimate violence, and more violence :ha: )
5. full metal alchemist conquerer of shambala ( i just liked the series so i liked the movie too)
:eek - Somebody beat me to Army of Darkness (awesome dialogue and story, great humor, and cheesy special effects)

"This is my BOOMSTICK!"

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ties it for the top for much the same reasons minus cheesy special effects.

As to Ah My Goddess. It was good but the monster lumberjack was so the eighteenth angel from Evangelion.
i cant say what movie is the best, i have genres

in the genre of kick@$$= Transformers
in the genre of war=Saving Pvt. Ryan followed by Black Hawk Down
in the genre of comedy= Sean of the Dead
" " " " zombie= Dawn of the Dead
" " " " girly movies= N/A

and some more but i cant think that much right now
Wait, we can pick series too?

Hehe nice choices though, Elfen Lied: the series that redefined the sound effect Kersplatter!
No one has seen Boondock Saints?

Oh well.

Here's my other top's:

-Old Star Wars Trilogy (I mean old ones, like VHS ones)
-Meet Joe Black
-Dumb and Dumber (original)
-1st Matrix
-Red Dawn
-Terminator 2
-Patton, Kelly's Heros(both awsome old war movies)
-Batman Begins

Clerks 2
Saving Private Ryan
Transformers (2007)
Pulp fiction
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket
i got more but can't think of them right now.. :mrgreen:
If you like any war movies (like Saving Private Ryan), Go watch Patton now.

Its awsome. But It's like 4 hours long (literally).
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