Your other suits!

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Sicne there is a growing number of folks here (alot of 501st too) how about showing off you other suits for everyone to see. There are some folks here that have some fantastic non Halo armor and you can see the quality of artists we have here.


ANH Sandtrooper (Sold): :(



Shocktrooper: Currently Commander Thire


501st Clone: Matches DarkOne's armor


My ESB Boba Fett:


nice suits, bobba is particularly awesome, nice to see a sandy with a proper ab plate too. I have a standard clean fx tk (boring i know..), and a TR in the works
I like your sand trooper armor and the shock trooper, shock trooper armor is expensive on ebay.

I only have a MC suit, but soon will have stormtrooper armor, I'm looking to get one, trying to deal with a guy right now.
Nice Vader, Vader. ;) Modified Rubies?
Here's my best costume. Luke from Empire (y)

I made the jacket and pants myself, and have been meaning to remake them better for a while.
I used to have a Vader, but sold most of it to my buddy in the photo.
I have a predator suit, I'll see if I can get pics a little later.
It's made COMPLETELY from scratch ;) Except for the Biomask. Which we bought at some UK site for 125.00 dollars.
darthmaddy said:
Nice Vader, Vader. ;) Modified Rubies?
Yeah. The Rubies starts out looking like a good helmet, until you realize that it needs so much work! And I still haven't finished it the way I want to... Thanks to my new found skill with fiberglass, I'll soon be making a much better fiberglass helmet.
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all cool stuff, always like halo and star wars, I kinda wanna see someone try and make some hellgate london templar armor though, that stuff is sick
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