Your TOP songs!

John Awesome

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Aww man, this is gonna be a hard one... But I think this is it:
1: Anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) by Breaking Benjamin
2: HB - Eksynyt
3: Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken
4: Tera - Aurinko
and last, but not least: Jeff Williams - Red vs. Blue: Revelation track 08
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An Ornery Ooze

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Heavy Metal, Dubstep, and a bit of Classical(?)

First of all, I wanna say. I'm a Knucklehead through in through! 5FDP!!!!! \m/ -.- \m/

1. The Pride (remix) - Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP)
2. Get Up! - Korn and Skrillex
3. Save the World - Swedish House Mafia (Knife Party Remix)
4. Children - Escala
5. Sonne - Rammstein (easy head banging material right there)
6. Vampires - Godsmack (even easier head banging material)

P.S If anyone has/or can make a pepakura file for the knucklehead that 5FDP uses (preferably with the brass knuckles in the teeth) that would be AWESOME!


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I guess i should fix my original list of five.

1. Land Of Confusions: Disturbed/Genesis

2. Time Stands Still: Rush

3. Let Me Hear You Scream: Ozzy

4. Blow Me Away: Breaking Benjamin

5. Red Dwarf Theme: Red Dwarf
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Do You Wanna Date My Avatar : The Guild

E.S. Posthumus is a pretty awesome band.
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These are my top 5 singalongs
5 Legs- ZZ Top
4 Jail Break- Thin Lizzy
3 Jute Box Hero- Foreigner
2 Hold On Loosely- .38 Special
1 Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Show


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Jail Break- Thin Lizzy

This is one of my favourite. My songs change day by day. I like soft music also but only when I get sad.


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Ron Kenoly - Return To Righteousness America
Healing Rain by Michael W. Smith
and As The Deer
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1. Ace Combat 5 "The Journey Home"

2. Two Steps From Hell "Caradhras"

3. Battlestar Galactica TRS "UK version Intro Theme"

4. Battlestar Galactica TRS "Starbuck Remembers"

5. TSFH "Protectors of the Earth"

6. TSFH "After the Fall"


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There are lots of my favorite songs.But these some songs are my favorite.That's are :

Keep on-Angel City Outcasts
Citizen Soldier - 3 Doors Down
Vienna Teng - Gravity
City On Our Knees" By TobyMac
The Outsider by Perfect Circle


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my favourate songs are
3.Turn me on
4.Wild one's

My most favourate is naked sung by Dev and Enrique I love this song a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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astro zombies -misfits
pull my strings -dead kennedys
start wearing purple -gogol bordello
nihilism -rancid
bohemian rhapsody -queen


I play the synth, so I like synth related stuff.

1. Firestarter by The Prodigy

2. Xanadu by Rush

3. Trip like I do by The Crystal Method

4. Summit by Skrillex

5. Cyanide by Metallica ( not that they use synths that much but I love them anyway )


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'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)' - The song borrows from the Rush song 'Tom Sawyer,' who are thanked in the liner notes of the album.

sara hold the h

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Anything Offspring. It's all that truly matters, I'm obsessed, but if I have to choose...

1. Americana - The Offspring
2. Sara Smile - Hall & Oats (cause I'm narcissistic like that)
3. I Don't Care - Apocalyptica ft. Three Days Grace
4. Angel's Son - Sevendust
5. Hesitate - Stone Sour
1st YES a music thread. :)
in no order
Death & Honour
Duck Tales
The Moon
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AI Blue Fox

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Journey - Seperate ways
Michael jackson - Beat it
bon jovi - its my life
5FDP - Walk Away/far from home (tie)
Trace adkins - semper fi
whitesnake- here I go again (1982)
three days grace - Time of dying
Eminem- Beautiful/ Till I collapse/ No love