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The Ragin Pagan

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Okay, it's time for another fun-filled 419 question!

What music do you like to crank when you're playing your friends in Halo 3? Me, I like to put on either any Children of Bodom album, or Cradle of Filth's "Damnation and a Day". That music goes on, and I focus on the kill. My friends don't really like it though... they die a lot.
Lots and lots of Disturbed, or really anything that's sitting on my hard drive. MJOLNIR Mix even helps with the pwnage. :D
DragonForce, Rhapsody of Fire, or E Nomine (Das Beste aus Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk)...

Although I do have quite a bit of regular techno stuff that I play a lot of, and Tool has been creeping up in my playlists lately...
Eh, I generally shy away from playing Halo music while playing Halo. Something about it just seems cliche to me. But meh, to each his own.
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