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    Halo V.s Gears Of War Comic Suggestions

    Great idea, I personally would make the locust over throne the brutes in the covenant ranks because the drones were rejected from the locust or something like that. And the dizzy-like him Luke or Ben :D
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    Super Hd Iron Man Armor

    Thats just awesome. I'm really anxious to see what else you do.
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    You really work fast don't you? :)
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    aww thats a really nice ring! and that pot of gold makes me hungry!
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    The armor for both clones (episode 2 and 3) is the same except for the helmets. Episode 2:Attack of the Clones: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith: also, do you have plans on simplify the clone's chest? i also find the hand plates a little off, as you can see the difference...
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    Kid Gets Xbox 360, Loses His Mind

    True, parents should really be careful buying games of mature content for kids of this age.
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    Nintendudes Pepakura Collection

    I'm really looking forward to see the finished tie helmet! (you can use it as an AT AT driver helmet too as they are basicly the same) Any projects on a ROTS Clone trooper?
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    November 18

    Happy birthday!! Here's my present FOOO YOUUU!
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    Eva Helm References?

    lol looks like i came a bit late but i took some sorry i can't post them but now my laptop is another man down...get one back and get one down lol My screenshots are in my profile, primitive path
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    Eva Helm References?

    wish i could help you... my xbox now is a man down =( but after i get it fixed i will be getting a lot of reference from the game if you still need it found a pic that might help you, this should be game accurate but im not sure
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    Halo 3 Battle Scene Diorama

    NICE! now thats an original project!
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    Props Bevbor's Sniper Rifle Of Paper

    could you do a close up on the flash suppressor? those things at the sides are killing me!
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    Props M6C/socom Conversion Kit (Lots Of Pics)

    DUDE that's just EPIC! it looks great in every angle i see it! the little line of the layer is something small and can't be seen unless you search for i can just imagine someone wearing a full ODST costume with one of these is hand.... ;)
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    Crackhead Hd Shin Revised

    i dont know if your talking about the normal unfold or the smooth one, i recently finished the smooth unfold and it turned out great, it was simple and fun to do. I can't say the same as the normal unfold as i have never done it. here's a link to the smooth unfold
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    Licensed Gears Costumes?!?!

    LOL thats one fugly mask!