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    Ironman Markiii

    Nice work!!! Sorry if I'm way off on this but...did you go straight to Bondo without resin? I believe I see some odd texture to the paper you used, what was it?
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    Microbe's Armor Progress.

    Absolutely stellar young fella! Great work!
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    Pepakura Requests

    Ha anyone requested the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers helmets? The red, green, and white ranger helmets would be pretty slick.
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    Armory Display Case

    +1 on that. I know it's probably not the style you are looking for as far as displaying weapons but I have one of these and originally bought it for my motorcycle helmets. I now have most of my police memorabilia in it from recruit class and it works excellent. It would work great for someone...
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    Would anyone suggest the CraftRobo?

    I am of the same opinion regarding the HD pieces. I cannot forsee this piece of equipment being able to successfully score some of the small triangular attachment tabs (which are often 5mm or smaller) without cutting them off completely. I also feel that many of the HD models, such as FS'...
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    Eradicatorofdth's Finished (kinda) Armour!

    Nice work so far. Just a little hint if you are still struggling with scaling... I use Robogenesis'/Ral Partha's scale. It works great on all parts because Robo has made all parts in low def and most in HD as well. I'm 5'11" so I have just scaled down his parts from their default Spartan...
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    Blacrose's Works In Progress

    Wow, very nice... and very symetrical too! Do most people build the cod piece and break it down into the four pieces (front, back, sides)? I'm guessing the final product fits much better that way as it has more flex points. I ask because I've seen some in half and now yours in quadrants.
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    Getting More Then My Helmet Done.

    I agree with flipboy...that matt black finished you've used looks excellent. It seems to bring out the fine detail so much more and seems much more realistic on armor than something like a gloss black. Great work!
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    Canadian Spartan Made (jedi Fraz High Def Helm Completed)

    Nice work! Just found the site and I've just started pepping my stuff out. I'm in Edmonton and would appreciate any tips you can give me in the future if that's ok with you as it seems you know what you're doing