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    FanimeCon San Jose

    I actually noticed that far to late Dx I did however flip it over the next day. I didn't let people take nearly as many pictures of me though due to the fact that I was hanging out with my girlfriend.
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    FanimeCon San Jose

    Just some pics of my friend and I at fanimecon In San Jose california. I'm in Chief's armor, friend Matt is in the MP Spartan armor. My Chest piece and helmet are high res, rest is low res. Tell me what you think!
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    halo sniper

    The edit function doesn't work for anyone -_-
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    My Hayabusa Armor Progress

    Not a fan of Hyabusa but amazing work non the less.
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    Nightshade's Mark VI ODST Permutation Spartan Suit WIP

    Really professional looking work dude! Amazing.
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    Muddy Secrets Tutorial

    So, if I already Rondo'd the inside, would this really be nessisarry? Couldn't I just sand down rondo inside the helmet to give it a curve?
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    WORT! WORT! WORT! (translation) My Elite Build

    That doesn't look bad actually...
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    Soft Parts Replicating Bluerealm's Undersuit Armor

    Can't wait for that template :D
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    Emile's Visor?

    Personally I'd take that stencil, trace it onto the visor and use my knife to carve into the visor. It would look the best to tell you the truth.
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    Noble Six Helmet Wip

    B-E-A-Utiful my friend.
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    Know an alternative to Fiber Glassing?

    For the helmet I use Rondo, its a mixture of fiberglass resin and bondo car filler. 50/50 mix, add a bit of hardener from both components and stir. Poor it it the helmet swish it and paint it around and let it sit, then your good :D
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    My Mark VI build

    Thank you! :D
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    My Mark VI build

    A bit late to post but about a month ago I finished my MK VI build. The Chest and Helmet are low detail which is why they don't look to good. Also, I would have rondoed the thigh pieces to add some curve to them but I had to finish this thing in literally a month. These pics were taken at this...