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    Solar Power Lights

    doesnt that defeat the purpose of having lights anyways? y have your lights on when the sun is already out?
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    Airsoft Battle Rifle

    yea just add a rail sight i believe its called, and a scope. all of it wwill probably be $60. o and maybe a barrel to. those are like $20
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    Star wars pepakura

    ok i see wat you sayin. lol sorry i was very unclear and i left somethin out. what i meant to say was cant you apply the bondo body filler to the helm and then round it off by sanding?
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    What are your favorite bands

    1. bullet for my valentine 2. disturbed 3. van halen
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    Star wars pepakura

    well most likely people are gonna use bondo to strengthen the pepakura model. so after they fiberglass it cant they sand it down to a smooth round finish if they put a nice thick layer of resin?
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    My Energy Sword

    theres a topic in the noob forum called an alternative to fiberglass of somethin like that and it says truck bed spray works realy good. it makes it hard but has a bumpy surface wen it dries. you could sand it im sure but i think the bumpy surface will be good for the handle so it has more grip...
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    Official pepakura scaling thread

    wat does the number 86 come from? is that like a magic number like pi? i tried this formula before and it worked perfectly but im just wondering how it works?
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    Clone Trooper pep files coming soon!

    dude nothing in a joke is messed up. a joke is something someone says just to try to be humorous. JUST TO BE HUMOROUS AND NOTHING ELSE. im a $#!T load of ethnicisities and i get hit with a bunch of stereotypes. instead of being offended and doin wat you just did i just laugh and try to think of...
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    Clone Trooper pep files coming soon!

    well im sorry dude. i didnt mean to be meen or anything. just makin a joke dude. i didnt realy mean to kindle a rivalry or anything. i just said that because i went to the 501st website and didnt realy see any community chat or any social things to do. didnt mean to offend you. and btw dont be...
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    Clone Trooper pep files coming soon!

    does that mean its IMPOSSIBLE or just extrememly time consuming? if it is just time consuming plz post it still. lol im still in school and i think i'll have the helm done by a month so plz post :)
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    I Got A 360!

    dude this is the order for online play. 1. halo 3 2. call of duty 4 3. gears of war 2 ( not out yet but from what we saw from the first one you can tell it'll be good. lol everyone in that game is like a pro football player.)
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    What Do You Collect?

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    What Do You Collect?

    lol nice.
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    Halo Corpse Alphabet

    omfg thats awesome! lol "O" wtf? how'd he do that?
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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    wat under armor you usin? did you make it or buy of a site?