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    Iron Man Display Armour

    wow that looks cool , keep up the great work , cant wait to see more
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    New Hd Iron Man Mk V Suitcase Helmet Done

    :eek me likes!! , looks like a great model!
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    Mass Effect 2 Collectors Edition ??? this is the first thing that goes to my mind if i need something desperatly simple?
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    Xxcalibersxx Jun Sniper Armor Wip (Page 5 Updates)

    did you happen to look at "AMC" molding supplies , very good prices!
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    Halogoddess's Hayabusa Build

    nice , scaled very well ;) this finished product is going to be epic
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    I Am Will, Spartan 043!

    very nice model ;)
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    Member Of The Month: February

    congratulations ACDCrockr209!! , you deserve it! ;)
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    You Know It

    yeh i saw that life sized link pep file a few months back , and yeh i agree it does look like an awesome thing to make , it would be cool to see someone making it
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    Grunt Costume Head *update*

    hahaha that grunt head is awesome!
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    Brute Chieftain Costume

    what i think are the two best things that your can possibly do for references is 1: play through halo 3 and then use theater mode 2: get a macfarlane halo 3 brute cheiftain figurine good luck hope to see it finished!
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    Halo Reach Carter Helmet Final Release

    n7 chest piece left forarm another left piece (either arm or leg) right forarm another right piece (either arm or leg) back set shoulder thing left shoulder thing right
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    Halo Reach Carter Helmet Final Release

    um this may sound nooby but yeh i went through your skydrive thing and still couldn't find that helmet , any chance you can give me a link
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    there topics that are "stuck" (hence "stickie) up the top of the page full of very useful information for noobs , i suggest reading all of them as for the blueprints , print them off on a normal printer ,take them to a printing place and get them blown up (enlarged)
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    Props Gir3892's Halo 3 Nerf Sniper Rifle

    hey there guys theres been an update for the paint scheme (still waiting to get some thinner plumbing) i took off the old one because of mobility , it was hard getting a round the house with a 3 and a half foot sniper the next barrel will be able to go on and off took a few days of hand...