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  • yo what up just kinda stumbled across your page and noticed you lived in ohio. i live in canton hit me up if you wanna discuss some build stuff or what ever latta

    I now have my own pepD3 License and I will be taking #D graphics course for my engineering classes. and autocad is compatible! Hells Yeah. you guys are gonns see some wicked costume peps comin from me soon.
    Yes! I'm actually trying to do the same thing at the moment. I'd love to get a group formed up in Ohio, especially the Cleveland area. Lets work together to make that happen.
    I have noticed with the 100mm guns, and I would love to have a real one, lol. That's awesome that you can begin with the project, and as far as 3Ds Max, it is relatively easy to learn, just a lot of little things to learn. It is pretty pricey. The 2011 version is about 1700 dollars. Perhaps you can find someone with it that would be willing to let you install it.
    Very nice. I know that 3Ds Max works good with Pepakura designer. Definatly let me know when you get some pics. :)
    That would be a good build. I'll ask around and see if any has a file, or can make one. I dable a little with 3DS Max, but can't quite make models yet, but I'm working on it. I wouldn't mind having a Gouf gatling shield and a hear sword. :)
    I really see no point in using lighter cardstock like 65#. Let's say you got the scaling right and you used lighter cardstock. Does that mean you're going to re-assemble the piece using the heavier paper? It may be fine for smaller pieces like hand plates or gauntlets but not so for larger pieces like the torso. You don't gain anything by using lighter paper.

    Use mm/cm for scaling. It's more precise. Use the % if you're scaling the entire armor set. Go with diameters. Circumferences are much harder to translate to 2D.
    I suppose you could. I've never used regular paper. Cardstock is only $6 at Wal-Mart, unless you're in Europe. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method of scaling. I learned that after pepping so many pieces. If you can learn how to add reference strips to pep models, that will cut down on the amount of time and paper wasted pepping your armor..
    Forgive me for asking but does this graph work off of height or weight? or both?

    Let me start out by saying that scaling your costume based on your height and weight is DUMB! That is the worst scaling idea ever! The best method, short of molding the pieces around your body, is to measure the dimensions or size of the individual body part and then scale the armor piece accordingly.

    On Pep, Does it show the default size for the spartan armor?

    Only if the file says that it is spartan-sized so for the most part, the armor pieces are not scaled to MC's size. Most of the files released of late are scaled to the unfolder's size. That's why I do my own unfolding after I add the reference strips on the model.

    I'm just going to load up Cad 2005 and see if pep can read it.

    I don't know what you meant by this but you might need to import an obj file first. When you're done, export the model to .dxf format so that PD can read it.
    Something like that. I add reference strips to the model so that when I measure a body part, it will correspond to the length of the strip embedded in the model. I then plot a graph of the results so that I can predict what the assembled size ought to be for anyone. I also remove extra surfaces and reverse faces on a model. The latter is an annoying problem 'coz it produces open edges and opposite foldings. I hate pepping a model with surfaces facing in different directions.
    I don't think that Wings 3D is easy to use or at least it doesn't appear to be. Soaring Hammer is Ithaca's group.
    Wings 3D 0.99 is just another (free) 3D modeling program. Your choice of which program to use is up to you. I don't create models from scratch so I don't really know what makes a person pick one program over the other. All I know is that SketchUp is sufficient for the basic editing that I do to models.

    AFAIK = As Far As I Know
    AFAIK, you don't need Blender for scaling purposes. I sometimes use it to convert the obj file to 3ds (although I normally use Wings 0.99 for that) to be able to import it to SketchUp and do some editing.
    I'm not really sure who on the boards are using Blender. I wish I could 'coz I have a few 3d models that I need to edit to make them pep-friendly but its learning curve is a bit steep, even for me.
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