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  • no problem! and a couple of follow ups...How did you attach the abplate? and where can I can I get hard drive magnets? I mean, I don't have spare hard drive just layin around lol
    gday man, did you ever get the led tutorial done? im keen to use the shield recharge idea for something else, but was hoping fr a tut to save some time
    hey quick question...where are the reference pics you used for your suit, and what did you do to attach the bottom piece of the chest that is separate when done with pepakura? I was wondering what the deal with that was...thanks! and love your suit!
    Hey there LongShot! Just wanted to say, I love how your costume is looking! The Christmas pics are amazing! Congrats on finally making Elite status too! I would have posted in your thread, but since I'm still a noob, I can't reply in the Elite Showcase forum. Great work!
    Ya I probably wont put as many lights in mine a you did, but ill probably spend ALOT of time in the bondo stage.
    It wouldnt let me post on your thread (prolly cause im still a noob) but your suit is freakin cool. Icouldnt hope my suit turns out nears as good as yours. great work man.
    Hey there LS! I just wanted to say, I love your WIP/tutorial hybrid thread you got going on. I checked out your website earlier, and love what you did with it as well. I bought all the necessary materials to start pepping in my dorm room between finals this week, and I can't wait to begin! Your thread is an inspiration to pep newbs everywhere! :p
    Just wanted to give yah a shout to a fellow BC'r, good to see I wont be the only halo suited guy out my way :) Cheers
    FYI: Today my web server had a HDD malfunction. Sooo... all of my pics posted here on my threads, will not show up.
    I am currently attempting to replace the failed drive and recover what data I can... will be at least a few days before i see any results from the operation. Then onto restoring the web server, after which all of the pics should show up.

    Regards, :(

    Great job on the suit man i really like how you installed the lights!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My next scheduled appearance will be at London Drugs in Mission, BC, Canada on Oct 30th. Full Lights and sound system working.
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