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    Spartan Selfies!

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    UD Replica's

    Yeah my estimate was somewhere around 2000 as well, wouldent be surprised if they had the option of just purchasing the under suit. Especially if they get feedback that people are interested in that. Def gonna take some saving for me, I wouldent spend that much money on anything other then a...
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    UD Replica's

    Yup, I just started saving lol. From my observation they don't usually rush products to the market but that's usually ends up being a good thing, and more often then not they post pictures of prototypes which is cool :D
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    Verdan's Mk VI build

    Amen to that, spot putty is great! I spent a lot of time detailing, smoothing out and repairing areas on my helmet using that bondo putty, I high recommend it as well.
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    UD Replica's

    So UD replicas, who if you aren't familiar with them, they are a company that makes movie based formed leather motorcycle suits and props. I'm assuming any who have gone to con's the last few years would be familiar with their batman motorcycle suits that many people wear (see pic below)...
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    Halo Reach Custom Spartan w/ FOAM - First Build

    The neck seal looks great - and that belts awesome,Very handy. Its pretty annoying when you have to have someone else carry your stuff, I've ran into issues with that wearing my storm trooper armor.
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    Halo 4 - HD Master Cheif + Undersuit - (PIC HEAVY) WIP

    Looking good, keep it up!
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    Halo 4 Warrior Armor (foam build)

    Wow looks great! I like the texture you painted on to the under suit,the armor is very clean and the paint job rocks I like the subtle weathering. I'm also a sucker for blue :p .
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    First build WIP - Halo 4 Recon Helmet / Halo 4 Mark VI Armor

    Amazing, loving the paint job.
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    Newest project... Halo 4 Spartan helmet WIP

    Looks great! you did a good job on the body work :D .
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    Motion's First attempt at Spartan bucket! (Cleanup/Visor/Paint work on a Mark V Cast)

    Pretty well finished! Fans wired, LED's wired, padding installed. I cut a hole in the padding at the back that act as a battery compartment with another piece of foam that velcro's overtop.
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    Halo Reach Custom Spartan w/ FOAM - First Build

    Wow, definitely the best foam helmet I've seen thus far. Love it!
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    Destiny Beta, spoilers open at your risk

    I pre-ordered the game a couple weeks ago through BestBuy for PS4, still no sign of a beta code :(. (doing PS4 because thats what my friends are getting :-p) I'll likely get an xbox one bundle when halo 5 comes out.
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    J!NX's Halo 4 Master Chief Foam Build

    Looking good!! I like the original suit as well :) .
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    Rubies Halo 4 Supreme Armor

    Found the Halo Waypoint post, apparently it was on twitter: