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    First Pepakura Try On Hayabusa

    So recently Halo 4 took a lot of my time but here is the progress of the peping :P Sorry for double post :s
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    First Pepakura Try On Hayabusa

    So i've been on this site for a while now... Looking at all those people making awesome armor from pepakura. Wasn't sure i was good enough to make a helmet but after showing this site to a good friend of mine, he said "hey let's give it a try!" So we started to read about everything from...
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    Reach ending scene/credits/etc. discussion *MAJOR SPOILERS*

    what i hate in reach is the dead of all the spartan (including noble 6). i mean catherine death was kind of not honorable for a spartan (only 1 crystal in the head :S. Emile death was the best one he did not died alone, an elite chef died with im :D and noble six death was like not much...
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    crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

    can we use hot glue for gluing the part??? because i really hate the white glue. nice vid help me a lot :)
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    First Armor Helmet

    sure im gonna make it XD :)
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    The Life Of Master Chief

    XD so i was a switch ???
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    First Armor Helmet

    ok so i will think and examine all posibilities to me and after im gonna try one.
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    First Armor Helmet

    ok je comprend lastspartan. but maybe i shoul ask to my parent to make the resin and help for the bondo. if you said that this is the best...
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    The Life Of Master Chief

    the last video from your party is the funiest, this light won't get on XD
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    First Suit Of Custom M K V I Complete!

    nice work guy i hope that mine is gonna be like it!!!
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    It's Halloween, What Did You Do?

    yesterday i was at home giving candy to kids and ii was saying to my self( next year i will wear my sapartan costume so now ii need to work on it... and i got a question for you can you sit on the belt that we built for armor cause i think it's gonna break cause i mak it in paper mache it or...
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    First Armor Helmet

    and this is gonna be solid or not, is the detail gonna be more beautifull that paper mache it... and my father is saying that this is toxic... im 13 yrs old remember plz. pls send me a picture of water selant maybe it's not what my father is thinking. and im in canada, not in france lol.
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    Halo Machinima Trailer

    keep i it's gonna be awesome. :)