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    Mjolnir [R], Mk. V "RECON" Project

    Hey, great job it looks shweet!
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    Hot Knife??

    Thanks everyone sounds like something to try out
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    Hot Knife??

    Hey ive been looking around and i see people useing foam in their armor builds but havent seen anyone use a hot knife cut and shape the foam. Iam just trying to figure out if someone tried it and what where their results. Also if nobodies tried it if it sounds like a good idea? Any ideas, info...
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    finished my second helmet ( EOD )

    colors and the helmet looks so smooth great job
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    L3X's Emile Build *Really Pic Heavy*

    awesome love seeing emile builds, cant wait to see the helmet
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    Gustav-092's - Emile's kukri knife prop (Heavy Pics)

    hey nice knife did the same one from scratch with cardboard yours looks better though:)
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    South Uk Based Master Chief Clay Sculpt

    Your works amazeing, cant wait to see more pics !!!!
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    Warhammer 40k Space Marine: Black Templar (90% finished)

    Love the armor like how you made it proportional compared to useing the real marines specs
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    Rosh's odst build wip

    sweet job i like the paintjob on the armor the worn off strips look awesome
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    ShadoKat's Samus Aran (Metroid Prime 3) helmet sculpt - WIP

    Sweeeet scuplt n mold, seeing the pics for your build are great motivation and again awesome job!!!
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    Reach HAZOPs helmet

    This is awesome can wait to see finished product love hazop
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    Warhammer 40k Space Marine - Wearing the Armor

    I am a fan of warhammer sweet armor build
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi i made this profile some time ago but it didn't let me sign in or post anything for the longest but i guess today was my lucky day. Name: Josh profession:student hobbies:pepakura, video games, did mma for a short while, I like making things favorite games: halo, fallout, splinter cell...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name- Josh Age- 14 Profession- nothing really at the moment. Was working at a laser tag place Favorite food- chinese and hispanic food Favorite Game's- Splinter cell chaos theory and halo series Favorite music- anything that's good Favorite hobby - Adobe photoshop, makeing things...