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    My Recon Helmet

    That's great for a first try! I remember my first MC helmet looking more like a bag of nachos :unsure can't wait to see this finished.
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    Conclusion Of Last Year Halloween Issue

    I'd love to know too, kinda sucks that this kind of thing happens at all :( bunch of no good hooligans I bet.
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    Halo Movie Back In Development?

    I'm still trying to think of a list of voice actors that would be used, hmmm. Could be interesting. It will be a good film as long as they don't take too many creative liberties.
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    Rebostar's Ironman Wip

    Just finished reading this topic and I love your progress. I too struggled with finding reference pictures for detailing so have had to use many different sources, from TMP's work to prototype sculpts and movie shots. I will be happy to provide in an email if you still need them. I think a...
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    My Space Marine Build Beginning

    I will definately be watching this topic. I love how everything has come out so far, the scaling seems pretty perfect for you, and as for the smoothing, I think it gives a more grungy look akin to a SM. Keep up the great work! :cool
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    Iron Man Armor Tech Thread

    You sir have just made my life so much easier, I'm planning on a decorative helmet to mount, but that motorized faceplate is ingeniously simple. Thankyou.
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    Mark Vi Helmet Build - Order Of Operation?

    I've never tried the HD model, but I originally made the standard helm for a friend, and found it easier to start at the detailed parts first, as it's easier to glue tricky bits in whole sections than to assemble small pieces as you go.
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    Where Do U Get A Cheap Visor Like The Ones Adam Suggested

    A quick check on a search engine will yield many results, and if like me you have google chrome or firefox, then there are many extensions to help seek out cheaper prices :) I've seen cheap gold iridium visors from 8.99 GBP on eBay, to good old HJC ones at 30.00 GBP. You have to remember that...
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    Airbrush Question

    Firstly, I DO NOT recommend trying what I'm about to say, but it is all I could find. Firstly, for excess hardened resin on boats they use a heat gun (while wearing a respirator of course) to soften it up, and scrape it off. Though I don't know if there are any implements you can use to clean...
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    War Machine Armor Build - (Iron Man 2) -W.i.p

    Looks great so far! Nice clean folds. I can't wait for the finished product, as I just love the bulk of the Warmachine suit. Keep it up! :)
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    Mk Vi Thigh

    If you have the facilities to do it, you may want to try casting those detail pieces. That way both thighs will be the same.
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    Nightvision In Visor

    I think I may have a solution when it comes to the lack of space inside the helmet. How about if the "peak" of the MC helmet above the visor had a hinged under surface? Then all that would be needed it to push on it, let it swing down, then just push it back up when done, and store all the...
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    Nightvision In Visor

    I'm new to the forum but this topic instantly caught my eye. A quick Google search pulled up this: (apparently also available as monocular) As far as I can tell, if this could be replicated in a cheap way...