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    Yeah 4shared is pretty legit, never had any issues with it at all. I always scan my downloaded folders before using them anyhow.
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    All-in-One Halo Pepakura Pack

    This thread is great! It's nice having everything in one place. Makes it a LOT easier.
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    Props Reach Assault Rifle Attachments

    Design didn't look to great on paper, but I was a bit bored and went ahead and made a rough model on this (hope you don't mind) Actually turned out to look pretty sweet.
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    Props Sweeney Todd's Razor Build

    Interesting. Quick question though, how will the blade lock when its flipped out? And good luck with the build! I'm sure it'll be sweet!
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    What Did The Forums Used To Look Like?

    Lurk moar, newfag. ...Just had too lol.
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    Training For Us.

    TL;DR Your writing makes me feel ill. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious.
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    Training For Us.

    I don't understand what you're trying to convey. You want help and information on how to loose weight? Anywho, it's pretty simple really; All you have to do is eat maintenance calories, plenty of protein, make sure 50%of your died comes from fruit and veggies and drink lots of water. Don't...
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    Jackal Costume Complete

    Awesome thread is awesome, this should be in the elite section IMO. Plus it makes it more awesome, because no one has ever attempted a jackal before. Best of luck with the rest of the suit I will be watching for updates.
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    Scared About Safety I Did Incorrectly

    One or twice shouldn't be too bad, you won't feel any effects now but it may hit you down the line. It mostly harms people who use it on a daily basis without protection. Nothing to fret about I was the same when I first started using this stuff a few years back.
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    1 Month Card

    It's my birthday today! :D ..You know what though, the other month I traded in GTA4 and I accidentally left my one month card in there, you could have had that seeing as I have the year >.> Sorry man.
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    Need A Printer Recommendation

    I'd recommend one that prints.. Nah, I have a HP Photosmart 2575, and have had no problems with it aside from the scanner squeaking sometimes. Pretty budget printer considering now days prices. but like I said, it get's the job done. :)
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    Me And Life In General

    Yes my good man, girls are ridiculous creatures sometimes.. Just stay with us, your one true love... The 405th.
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    Songs That Cut You Deep.

    UUURGH! Right I'm off to bust some skulls. Brb when I've re-attained my manly status.
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    Songs That Cut You Deep.

    No! I fight things with.. Steel! And, Yeah.. Not that manly to be honest.. :3