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    What If The Elites Made First Contact?

    Well, from what I can gather, it didnt matter who first met us silly humans. As soon as Truth and Regret found out we were the Reclaimers, and not the Reclaimed, we were toast. The idea that we could threaten the Covenant, or more important, the Prophets chance for power, they easily decided to...
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    Need I say more? Not mine, but same board - 159 cm. Flow Flite Bindings. And I want a poster like the second pic.
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    Everybody Needs To Laugh Sometimes

    Chuck Norris can eat a rubiks cube and poop it out solved. Chuck Norris makes onions cry. Chuck Norris once beat a lion, a grizzly, and an alligator by tying them together with an andaconda. Rainbows happen when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Richard Simmons. Rambo was loosely based on Chuck...
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    Gears Of War Lancer + Paintball Gun

    Im sorry about the necro post. Its been a while since I've been on, and I had a brain-fart. But what I was thinking, is I would put a small engine in the clip and a plastic chiain on the bayonet. Hahaha can you picture actually chainsawing someone?! Edit: Wow. It automatically double-posted.
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    Chief Goes to Walmart

    Really? Haha around here (Pittsburgh), I know a couple guys who got thrown out of Walmart for taking pictures of each other.
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    Gears Of War Lancer + Paintball Gun

    *bows* *bows again* *realizing worthlessness next to this, falls down, cries, and surrenders to fate.* Action pics! Pictures of battle, please! And maby a video of it firing?
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    Halo 3 Pilot

    Yes, that is exactly what Im looking for. And, heh, Im no sculptor, so I was hoping for some pep files. Id do it myself, but im clueless in computers. And thanx, all of you! Im shocked by the fast response.
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    Halo 3 Pilot

    Ok, so, Ive been trying to find the helmet for the Halo 3 Pilot, but havnt been able to turn anything up. I was hoping for this topic to be the hub for any files, pictures, references, and FILES for the Halo 3 Pilot. Please?
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    Halo Mmo Revealed!

    I've never heard of this before. And from what I've read... spells? Haha, thats just rediculous. But, if done right, this could be an amazing game. Think about it. After the Human-Covenant War, perhaps more people could have become Spartans. Some would stay in the military. But whose to say...
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    Haha i live in a dome, and theres a kind of lookout on top. We got all sorts of guns, and we live out in the country(= see for long distances), and I'd be picking zombies off all day long!!
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    Zombie's..hayabusa Chest..armor Wip

    Awesome! I've always been a Spartan III fan, ever since I read Gosts of Onyx. You should see if you can get someone to unfold it in pepakura! :D Plz?! P.S. - The armor is called SPI armor, standing for Semi-Powered Infiltration
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    My Turret

    Hahaha kool. I have an idea... a secret idea Im working on. Its in the concept-art stages, but someday....
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    Alright, well, I promised you guys I'd fiberglass the helmet immediatley. Its been a couple days, and between school and soccer, I just cant get it done. So I wont have it done for paintballing Saturday. Oh well, I guess next year. Since its been too late to fiberglass every time I get home...
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    Fartbuttface Is Dead?

    Man... that is... sad. Where were the parents? Why werent the guns locked? And now its going to be guns and games as the culprits. I've played Duke Nukem since I was, what, 6? And I hunt out in the woods. So this? This is just... I dont know. Theres just really no way to describe what Im feeling. :(
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    Yes, I did. I dont know why you cant see them, but theyre in the same post as "I can haz helljumper?". Theyre right below it. And yes, gunner, I beleive it worked. Came out kinda different... kinda fat... but not bad. :D The only thing Im really worried about with it is that little piece right...