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    Drgnfyre4 Mk Vi Progress Thread

    Ive been having ago at my first helmet, and thats all I wanted to do. Know after seeing this I want to do a full suit now Looks awsome mate i'll be watching this. Welsh
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    Ultimate Airsoft Thread

    My newest toy to which to add to the collection, maybe sometime in the future I may convert it to a EBR, but its good as it is at the moment. Tm M14 M1 Scope Harris bipod Nato silencer = a very very heavy gun :unsure
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    I wonder how long it will take for this to be in the elite section :D Looks great already lee, looking forward to updates. Welsh
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    Mark Vi Helmet

    Hey guys, posted this earlier but with the forum being moved to a new host it got deleated. sorry for the lack of updates recently but ive had alot on with college and deadlines. I went out to day and bought some more supplies and managed to get some decent work done on the helmet, most of it...
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    Mark Vi Helmet

    Hey guys got another update here, not as much as I was expecting as I had a problem with some filler not hardning properly so most of of time was taken up clearing it all off. So what ive decide to do is cover the entire back of the helmet in filler, and build up certain sections to get the...
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    Weta Marine Scratch Build Wip

    um whats that word im looking for..........oh yeh AWSOME. Dude that is some of the best cardboard armour I have ever seen, i like the idea of laying the ceral box card on top, gives you a better base to add the rondo. Look forward for the next update. welsh
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    Brute Chieftain Costume

    Okay not the best but hopefully these should sort you out until someone else on here can get better ones (Only camera i have at the moment is my phone) hopefully you can use them, if you need any more just ask. But I expect someone else can get alot better. Welsh
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    Second German Odst W.i.p Ready To Rondo

    another ODST to add to the ranks, welcome aboard. Looks like your making a good start and it looks pretty clean for a first try. Is there any specific style your goin for, like a mickey or dutch?? Welsh
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    Halo Legends.

    awww come on, its not every day you see a spartan get eaten by a T-rex :lol welsh
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    Airsoft Odst Loadout

    all you need now is an mp7 :D welsh
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    Halo Legends.

    ha i just bought this and im watching it now, I like the one with spartan 1337 in it. shows how imature I am :p welsh
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    Odst Tarkov Build

    Cheers guys, as ive said this is sorta on hold at the moment as im trying my hand at a helmet. Ive had a bt of left over rondo that ive used on one of the gauntlets and I have managed to connect all the back armour together so if I can get a picture I'll post it up later for you. Welsh
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    My Hayabusa Project.

    Looks good mate, sizing looks perfect. I would go for the HD torso and then build a seperate hyabusa piece which clips on like what I think raziel 1981 is doing with his in the elie section, that way you have two torso styles if you chose to do a different armour. Welsh
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    Mark Vi Helmet

    hey not much of an update here but Ive hit a bit of a problem with my helmet yesterday, now I dont know if this has happened with any one else who has used rondo or if it was just a thin area. I found that in the bottom section of the jaw where the two indents are, the rondo was getting very...
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    Reach: An Lt Wip

    nothing short of amazing, awsome. I love the detail on the ear/side sections. Welsh