405th Merchandise - Name Badges, Tote Box Plates and more to come!


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Hello Adam. Division Identity Numbers are given to those members who have chosen to go through the "Deployment" process and successfully completed the program.

You can find more info here:

And "Application" is here:
He's already good Cadet

"S800 Adam - 405th Founder - Texas"


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We are now at the close date for having badges before the Orlando show. The next deadline is June 23rd to have them in time for the Philly Show. Those who have already ordered will have theirs go in to production to be made and shipped this week. If you aren't already on the Dark Star Merch FB page, you might want to join as you'll get to see photos of completed badges etc. once each run is done.


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I didnt order one, but wow. That picture REALLY makes me regret it... I procrastinated as usual, so I didnt order it in time for Orlando. I had much contemplation,but decided $26 was too much... I can always try and fabricate one out of foam right?:confused:;)