airsoft proof

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And to answer your question... yes and no.

The armor plates are probably fine for airsoft if they are well reinforced with fiberglass and polyester resin. But the areas where the underarmor is exposed.... not so much.

Also I doubt that any armor maker will guarantee their visors against airsoft or paintball because the plastic that they are made of is not impact resistant. So one shot to the face, and your visor (and maybe your eyesight) is done!

I know many people here have been debating the use of airsoft with mjolnir armor and I'm afraid without a better knowledge of what velocities and psi that individual guns operate on theres no clear cut answer. No manufacturer will tell you its okay because we don't want to be responsible for some kid putting his eye out Red Rider style...

Play at your own risk.
How well do you think a fiberglass reinforced armor would stand up to paintball. And if you used a motorcyle helmet visor would that be stronger? Cause don't they have to be made impact resistant?
Surprisingly enough, No I don't think they make any warranties for the very same reason. None of the visors I have bought have been impact rated... Nobody wants to be disproven when it comes to protecting your eyesight. It's too risky.

In my 'opinion' fiberglass reinforced armor is imperious to just about anything ... if it's done for strenght, not economy, it's all variable. Fiberglass reinforced resin is tough stuff, but you have to take into consideration that it's not specifically designed for strenght and impact... This is a 'basement business'. All the manufacturers out there are doing this in their own shops... without the intervention of goverment guidelines for stress and quality testing. Doing that would put us all out of business, so we just don't reccomend it for that.

What's being asked here is just beyond the capacity of the basement industry.

Like I said, Play at your own risk. If you're not willing to do that then you shouldn't do it to begin with.
i would not use the armor as gear for paintball or BBs protection...i tll everyone its for display or custome use only
I just thought it would be awesome to make a little movie where we were in our armor actually having a paint ball battle, but now that i think about it it will be coller to just use sound effects and stuff.
Well, no, you shouldn't trust the suit enough to prevent injury, but I suppose you could try to build a suit on top of actual airsoft padding, if there is such a thing. But you wouldn't want to ruin your armor, so...
Personally, I'd be more concerned with the ability to run and/or hit cover in the armor. Your armor's likely to do more damage to you than the airsoft pellets will.

Plus any gaps around the face are liable to allow the pellets to do nasty things to you.

I'd advise wearing goggles under the mask at least.
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