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This thread contains an All-in-One guide to Halo armor making using Pepakura. Created to instruct new members on the process of using Pepakura to create Halo armor, this guide is a collection of armor-making knowledge that exists on this site and arranged into an easy to read and understand single file. This document will take you from start to finish of the armor making process, providing links to relevant tutorials, photos for clarification, and tips, tricks, and suggestions along the way.

One read through, and you will go from not knowing anything about Pepakura and armor making, to having your very own set of custom Halo armor!

For best results, please download the file instead of viewing it directly through Google Docs. Document size: Approximately 1.3 Mb. File type: .docx.

Special thanks to the following for their assistance and advice:

It is hoped that this document will be constantly updated with current information as it becomes available.
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Nice work Spitfire. Way to take the time & the initiative to put this together. This should help out with a lot of the new individuals' questions, provided they read

Thanks again,

Thanks for the support guys. :cool I've contacted the necessary people who will hopefully move this into the Noob forum.
As a newb in the planning stages of starting my first armor build, I can't thank you enough for this. I support the sticky!
Even for those whom know the methodology to building props and armor, I found I was able to glean some new knowledge from this article as well, thanks for putting this up.
Thanks guys, glad you like it. It was time consuming to put together, but it's worth it even if it helps one person.

I'm trying to get this moved to the Noob forum where it belongs. Sent a PM and even "reported" the OP to get it moved, but it still hasn't gotten noticed.
Tangent for but a moment, but does it feel to you guys like...."life has gotten...busier?" College classes are driving me crazy with the workload. ....
^^ I support the sticky spitfire! I believe if they made something like this a little bit more known people may not get lost so easily with their first visit to the 405th like I was. If all the members on here would direct the recruits to this instead of handing something to them they don't understand, we might see some action in the noob forum a little sooner. :)
Representin'! tellin all the N00BS about it! ^___^ to be honest, I'm not so sure that just getting it stickied will be the cure-all. so everytime someone posts an indecision thread, or how do I make armor, I've been linking them to this helpful guide! way to make a difference Spitfire, and all other members that helped!!
Thank you very much for putting in the time to make this with all the stickies, just this alone got me enough info to start on my first project, again TY!
Yes yes, I know the last post is from January but I must say that this is a good write up and must be looked at by more people. It explains so much!
Great bump of justice! This is hands-down the greatest armour / weapon tutorial I've ever come across. And I've only just read a few sections! Ridiculously helpful, infinitely insightful, and simply well put-together.

Mods, WAKE UP! How is this not sticky'd as yet!?
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was starting to get overwhelmed with all the stuff I've been reading as I'm going Post by Post in Noob Forum trying to learn. This definately has helped clear some of the fog for me. Thanks to all who helped make this and to all of 405th for being such a knowledgable community. There is hope for Humanity after all
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