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Well us Staff have noticed a general decrease of "intellegence" among new joining members and even current members here at the 405th aka Mjolnir Armor Forums. After recent studies by me I belive to have found the problem from the dissection of a recently banned member. The problem appears to be the lack of use for almost 95% of the brain.

Here are pictures of what we suspect is affecting most members on these forums.


This is an example of what we think is happening to most members here on the forums, but luckly not all. The Staff seems to be immune to this "happening".

Picture of the Moderators and Admin on these forums brain.


The brain appears to be fully functional and no decaying flesh was found anywhere.

I figured I would need to do something about the decaying flesh within our members, we don't want them all dieing and going pshyco on us. So its time to put some basic rules in place.

Any whining for things will result in a warning and a potential ban. We aren't going to hold your hand all the time.

You may have seen Sean post this before. Don't double post, just edit your post's, will result in a warning if they build up and potentially a ban.

Need I say more?



Now you don't want to get banned from here, it is literally the best source for Halo prop making on the internet. So first, you need to know, You can't stop Hammer Time.

If you happen to try to stop Hammer Time, this is the last thing you will see on these forums.


Don't step out of line...


Edit: due to picture restrictions I can't fit all the pix in one post! You will have to click the last two.

Ha I also noticed everyone becoming more rude, and using bad grammar, over all the forums have begun rotting, but hopefully we'll be able to save them before they totally rote away. Oh and lets try keeping all of our posts meaningful.
"Its called social retardation." Haha best line ever Doom.
also i have been seeing a lot of PROFANITY. STOP, it is unprofessional. how can the 405th start if bungie sees a bunch of swearing adolescents?
Ahh. The sweet sound of incomprehensible, spamming, double posting, off topic Newbs being Banhammered is like music to my ears.

I agree with everything you just said. I think we should post this and sticky it in all forums here so when people join and want to post, they can get the idea.

Oh and I like the last pic ;)...

Ya know, stickying things is a sure fire way to garuntee that any newcomer will not take the time to read it, for the simple fact that, oh let it come, its a Sticky. I think there should be a flash movie that they have to watch to be approved to begin posting on the site.
Hmm...well good point.

I'm not saying we have to sticky it or put a vid of it up, but we need to get the point across somehow.

I'll leave that up to the mods and admins.

*pull out the BanHamer and do somthing!!!

I know that my English isn't my best language , but i alway hope that people do understand what i am trying to say...

As for the brain thing.... :lol:

Maybe its a idea that you need some type of quality check before you can sign up.... show some of your work before maybe. Its true that some people think its necessary to cures of use profanity. Also there is nothing wrong with a good question, but is it so hard to search for the answer?
Yea i have noticed alot of the new people are really, really, retarted.
i think they should have to pass a literacy test before they can join the forums.
and all the existing members should have to take one to. cause now i cant understand wat half the people are saying. and i can usually understand 1337 speak.

84I\I 7l-l353 l\l0o85

Ban these noobs.
Okay, though in some top secret bunker of the UNSC Fortification that is my fantastical brain, I took this very seriously. But the other 23%? Yeah, I laughed like I have never laughed before. Doom, that was the funniest warning I have ever read, and I will take it all to heart.

I even restrained myself (somewhat) on a forum arguing which was better, Halo 3 or Bioshock. It was hard.
"But you still won, and at a handicapped, therefore it's cooler.

Dumby. "


I seriously hope that was meant to be funny, for your sake.

If out Adrenaline....
TheBlue said:
"But you still won, and at a handicapped, therefore it's cooler.

Dumby. "
I seriously hope that was meant to be funny.
If out Adrenaline....
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Ok. NO.

I can't belive your saying this in a topic from a mod, about NOT ARGUING?

Dude. Chiiill.

No harm meant.
Everyone here, let me show you that this thread can be laughed at because and joked about a bit, I tried to make it funny but at the same time get the point across and have it show you what we expect from you all. Adreniline made some poor choices this afternoon and tonight. He dosn't find the staff sufficent or able to do their job because we are "children" through his eyes. I am the only one that can really labled that yet he decided to label "The Mods" like that.

I will make an example out of Adreniline right here, and right now. Since he can't be mature on this site, we don't want him here until he can think straight before he post's. He was banned before and now he will be banned again.

And if you see this before you get banned Adreniline, I never won, I just stated the facts.


It's Hammer Time.

The mods run this site. We clean up after the members, settle disputes, enforce the rules, and contribute countless hours of our own time to keep this site functional. Thats childish? I'd say that your response to having your post edited was childish; calling us out, insulting us, and further escalating the situation, knowing full well that we can pull your posts, ban, suspend, or enforce a moderator preview of your posts whenever we feel it necessary.

Our members need to show some level of respect for each other, and have a basic ability to state their opinions in a non-insulting way. Your comment was edited because one of the MODs thought you were being rude, and your response was a much higher offense than the initial mistake.

If you ever come back, you're going to have to learn how to deal with your frustrations without taking them out on other members. That kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

I wanted to give you a chance to redeem yourself, but I can see a pattern forming here...

Sorry Adrenaline...

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