Amanda Holliday's Space Wrench (Destiny)

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    It's been a while since I last posted on here, partly due to the long periods of downtime and issues with the image hosting sites, but since there's now a dedicated sub-forum for it I figured I'd share some of my non-Halo props (Most still fall within the genre of sci-fi video games).

    This should be a fairly comprehensive list of WIP photos, but if not, I try to post everything on my Facebook page here: Calibre Designs

    1.jpg 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.jpg 8.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG 14.JPG 15.JPG 16.JPG 17.JPG 18.JPG 19.JPG 20.JPG 21.JPG 22.JPG 23.JPG 24.JPG 25.JPG 26.JPG 27.jpg 28.JPG 29.JPG 30.JPG 31.JPG 32.JPG 33.JPG

    This was as much an attempt to restore a vintage tool to a usable state as it was an excuse to learn (Or at least try to) gasless MIG welding, hence some of the worst welding you'll have ever seen. Precision cutting using an angle grinder was probably the most difficult part, so now I've got my sights set on a plasma torch so I can attempt pepakura style metal props more easily.


    I was hoping to illuminate the orange cannister on the back (Couldn't tell if it was luminous or just shiny copper from the reference images) but ultimately couldn't find a good compromise between light intensity and a compact power source. In any case it fulfills its purpose as a modernised 80mm spanner!
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    Functional props! I love it. :love:
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