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Hey guys, DD here on my next build......OK I'm building it, but it's for my daughter. She recently finished watching all of RvB ......for the 2nd or 3rd time.....and as I said in her other build thread (Iieda Engin), she decided to put it on hold, and wanted a Caboose suit. So, lets get started:

Helmet: This has always been my weak spot. Sizing correctly to be more specific. Building it.....not an issue. So far, I think its about 5-10% bigger than needed....but at least it's not a bobble head.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic......turns out my phone case was covering part of the lens.


So far its coming along very well.....I have been putting only and hour or two every weekend into it, as I keep traveling between NY and NJ for work almost daily.....and I would rather spend what little time I have w/ the family. There is more progress to this already but I forgot to get an updated pic. She hasn't decided on full pep or foam for the rest of the armor.......but I'm trying to get her to go w/ foam so she can work on it as well. She got much better at it while working on her other build. She has been helping me w/ the simpler pieces of the helmet......but isn't ready for the more detailed areas......but she'll get there.
We don't have a time frame for this but I hope to get it done by the end of the year so she can start fresh for next con season. And yes I still have a ton of other projects on my plate that I have to finish.......


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It's really cool your daughter is interested in building her own stuff (even if you're helping). I'd love to see this completed :D


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For those of you who that are as lost as Caboose.
(WARNING: this scene contains mature language viewer discretion is advised)
Yeah... now that I got that reply I instantly new. Not having quotations threw me off but I now know exactly where we were XD. I thought you were going to go off that scene but oh well :b

Also isnt the first scene in rvb "you ever wonder why we're here?" Its been a while


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Legend says vacations are a magical place full of wonder and mystery, where fairies and gnomes do the work and we, the normal people, don't!

At least that is what my grandfather told me. He had one once...
Is that like when I take time off work to finish costume stuff?
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