Any Texans here?


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Sean Bradley said:
yeah.. sheesh are you kidding? This place is one big Texan party! :hyper:

j/k. Texas, I do not mess with thee.

Lol, so im taking it you dont live there. Such a shame, because iv seen your work. And it would be an honor to meet ya :clap:
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Perhaps this is just one big Texas Party


South East Texas Baby

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Spartan-127 said:
WEWT im texan(go arlington) but due to my dad being army weve moved all over...right now is /shivers* lawton oklahoma

Growing up just south of Lawton, I can agree with that. At least Ft. Sill is by the Wichitas. :mrgreen:
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Heck with all the people from Texas we might just be able to form a small army........interesting :dee: