Are we official?

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Sarge Christi

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Sorry, but I really needed to know. Is the 405th official? Have the bungie peeps been contacted yet?
Sarge Christi said:
Sorry, but I really needed to know. Is the 405th official? Have the bungie peeps been contacted yet?

Not to my knowledge... I wouldn't expect it to happen overnight either..

Link and I have to work on a letter, and then they'll likely take a long time getting back to us.... as though they have nothing else to do right now. :lol:
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Just a question, but even if we become official, how would we all get together to do events and stuff, doesn't everyone live all over?
Just an Idea we could send a fully written out letter to the president or whoever needs to be contacted in bungie/microsoft. rough draft would be like this with a ton more detail.

Dear Sir,

We would like to formally like to establish the 405th as a functioning fan unit blah, blah, blah. it will be sut up in the same manner of the 501st rules blah, blah, blah, Cost blah,blah,blah, organization, blah, blah, blah, please contact our root admin Adam @ _______
Signed the 405th

this way we sound like we mean business. income possible business. just possible business

Shadow Dragon

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Heres my thoughts on all this.

I think that we should make efforts do become 'official' although I still can't describe why that is important to anyone that asks... every time I try I think I sound like a cheating schoolkid...

Under current rules, it's completely unclear who's in charge of what... that wasn't disclosed in the Bungie/MS split... why would our proposition change their decision?

I've heard from some very smart business people that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Being said, if we go forth, and do good, we are more likely to recieve forgiveness, than if we do nothing and ask permission. Why would they be motivated to give a seal of approval to a fan group tha hasn't yet proven themselves as a formidable benefit to their company? We shouldn't contact them until we can tell them all the good things that we've done in the name of their fandom... in short, we should be spreading the good word, and making measurable contributions to charities and gamer organizations...

In the meantime all I can tell them is that this website has taught more people how to emulate their intellectual property... we have to organize ourselves to be a positive influence on the gaming audience before we have ANY reason to apply for approval.

Thats the cchallenge folks... what are you ready to do for your 405th?
Master_Chief_13 said:
wow the alberta canada division... just me sitting in a chair all alone :D

Not alone! 2 for Alberta!

We have another Canadian out in Quebec. Half my time is spent in Nova Scotia and half in Calgary, but Calgary is far better.
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Sean's right.

We need to all get some decent gear together and start doing whatever we can to improve the group. Talk to fellow fans in your area and get ready for conventions in the area. We need to spread the word. And what organizations could we donate to? What causes would you guys like to support?
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