Best Cardstock

Ral Partha

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I'd say 110 weight for large pieces like chest, arm and leg pieces and helmets. For smaller ones like gauntlets and pistols, maybe the 65 weight, although I've never used this one.


WHen you get it and try it out you might be thinking.
"How does this weak stuff even help? Its just going to break!"
But you'll see, its very durable when in small pieces put together. My helmet is non resined to I can slip my head in it and air can flow freely through the little hole around it (Their placed at angles so its impossible to see from the outside) and yet can survive a dropkick.
Some clear paint covers that water weakness.


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Any color, as long as it is 110lb. Sometimes multi colored packs are cheaper, though the same stock weight and sheet count, but I prefer white or creme color.


Actually clear is best. So you can see the numbering and lines easy peasy.
Getting something like hot pink like what im forced to use for carbine its hard to see the numbering.