Black 360

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srry bout that, was in a rush and threw it on here XD, I think its good cause i kicked so much ass on swat, now i get to do it again! XD
link4044 said:
theres a black 360 :wowie: im so getting that (when i get money)
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the black xbox 360?

they arent out yet but you should be able to get them (if you are lucky) at any game store and online . the black 360's are going to be limited edition from what iv heard
i have that RvB shirt. and the one that says "thats right I'm a gay robot." im gonna buy a cool cover for my 360 cuz i got a halo faceplate.
Coolest. Thing. Ever.

But any specical features besides the different color? Maybe not even technical ones, perhaps just a wider variety and cooler default dashboard themes?
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