Building a Pair of Sean Bradley ODST Kits

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tey look really cool. i might try and contacct sean and see if i can get a kit off him as i would spend every minute in it but i would love going to cons in it as you would get so many photos.

thanks for posting this.


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Though don't you have to be an Infantryman to even LOOK at the thread he sells from? 'Cause last time i tried to access it, the site said I didn't have permission or something.


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I keep forgetting to update this thread.

Back when I was putting together my exhibit for the Maker Faire, I had a friend named Bob lined up to show off one of my costumes. The problems was, Bob didn't fit any of my finished pieces. He was still very excited to help out and I figured it'd be nice to have someone in a lighter, more maneuverable costume to help shepherd my Spartans through the crowds. I didn't have much time to set him up with a suit of my UNSC Trooper armor, so I left him in a room with the box full of ODST kit parts, some tools and supplies, the faded instructions that go with the kit (half of the pages were missing) and a quick "good luck."

Here's how he looked when I left him:

The next morning he arrived in full armor:

To rephrase, a guy with almost no hobby or costuming experience was able to do the last half of the kit assembly overnight without any real supervision. It still needs more trimming and whatnot, but this speaks volumes for the simplicity of the kit.

I still have the second kit to assemble. I've trimmed it down to fit my somewhat shorter frame and whenever I get that done I'll be going through the extra trouble of weathering and detailing both suits.

Still, I'm thrilled with these kits. Someday I'll find the time to crank out the rest of the build for mine.
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