Builds By Baz - Full scale MKII Colonial Viper


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^^^ Cheers guys. :D

The last of the large modules of the Viper construction is now well underway. After this all I need to build is the wings and cannons, then it's onto all the finishing and detailing.

This is the top engine nacelle. I will make this in three parts, I think. The intake, the main body and the exhaust cone. It's a bit of a challenge because of the floating shroud at the rear, but I have worked out a simple solution.







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Man, I'm excited to see this complete. And I've never even seen battlestar Galactica! This is a great build, man, keep up the good work!


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Lol if you say so. I'm still in the middle of stargate SG-1, maybe after that I'll give it a shot.
SG-1 is great. A lot lighter. I've watched the lot 5 or 6 times through over the years. BSG - 2003 is very dark, adult. Don't let the kids watch it. Pretty brutal in parts. The old classic BSG is lighter, cheesier and no comparison, but in it's time it was good. Now I cringe watching it.

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but the original is a nice kid-friendly show, with a simple plot. the sequel which many people dislike, (galactica 1981) has a better plot actually although less fun and lower budget.
and idk about the newer one.
I don't cringe watching it but i see how you can


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^^^ Cheers gang! :D


Soooo bloody sick for the last 72 hours. Took me all day yesterday after sleeping in until 2pm , to work out that it was food that was making it worse. Once I worked that out, my belly started thanking me. End result, I couldn't sleep last night. Went into the shed around 9:30pm to enjoy the cool night air. Ended up tinkering, which led on to cutting and gluing polystyrene to the top engine nacelle. In bed by 4am this morning. I went back to work today and spent the day plasma cutting very slowly, feeling pretty ordinary. Not sure if it would be a good idea to go to work tomorrow. I tried to go out again tonight to do some more, but I think I'll just go to bed.







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A magnificent build and such great photos too... I can't help but think we will all miss these update when it's all done. Just wish I would get a chance to see it for real and touch it :)


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"Turkey feathers". These are the parts around the exhaust cone that can contract by overlaying to reduce the aperture and increase thrust.


First one plotted out. I have no real dimensions on this. I judged the thickness of each based on recognisable objects in some photos. I can adjust as i go. Roughly 20 per engine.



One turkey feather to completion. Primer grey, aluminium silver overcoat, light spray of black over the top for that burnt, carbon-scored look.


Mass production begins.


I have lots of concurrent activities going on now to make the most of any spare time I have.

While I am working on the exhaust cone outers and their interior turbine assemblies, I will also be continuing to skin the rest of the Viper and start installing all the ports for the reaction control system, (RCS). These mini thrusters are positioned around the spacecraft to provide attitude control in space. Aerodynamics there obviously does not apply but instead, Newtonian physics takes over. RCS can help by, "pointing" the craft in the desired direction while thrust rearward is applied. To reverse direction, thrust is cut, RCS flips/inverts the craft, then thrust is re-applied in the opposite direction to slow down, stop, or power into a new direction.

One of the reasons I really like this sci-fi ship, is because of this reasonably scientific application of space flight, instead of flying around in curves like you see in other shows. No more force-fields, beaming tech, lasers, or aliens. Bullets, bombs, missiles, nukes, armour plating and badass robots.


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I need 20 of these, "Turkey feathers", for each engine exhaust nozzle. By the time I've added a frame, lining and internal details it's starting to get pretty heavy. The box-full you see below is enough for one nozzle, each feather comprising three shaped layers of plywood. To reduce weight, I've cut material out of the bottom layer with a hole saw. It's made a big difference.






I've moved the top engine nacelle out of the workshop and next to the Viper so that I can work on the rear exhaust and get my workshop back. I had to keep climbing under it to move around my workbenches.


Tonight I continued skinning the engines with recycled polystyrene produce boxes.