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Hello boy and girls. How are you all feeling today? I hope all is well and you and your families are in good health. With all that is going on in the world today, I just want to touch base w/ some helpful tips. Washing hands is the #1 preventive measure according to medical experts. But what they aren't saying aside from social distancing is contact surfaces. You may have washed your hands properly, but what about the person who just opened that door you are going through? Or that button to open the elevator? Or that shopping cart you are wheeling around? Cleaning your own home especially the high contact point, is essential. Door knobs, deadbolt locks, light switches, faucet handles, banisters and railings, and all the other 100 things in the house that you touch w/o even thinking about may have been exposed accidentally. Take a moment to look around each room and think......what do I touch in here, then clean it. Easy.

Now for all of you that are currently at home voluntarily or involuntarily, a few tips to help keep your sanity:

#1 Plan events. Staying in bed all day is not an option, unless you are sick....then stay as long as needed....but make a schedule for yourself and your family. My kids are home from school for almost a week now, but have on line classes and homework that keeps them busy for 1/2 the day....what to do w/ that other 1/2 w/o them vegetating on the couch in front of the TV or on their phones/computers for the rest of the day? Family fun games......I know it sounds stupid and corny, but get yourself a few board games and play a 1-2 each day. it will eat several hours of the day. Art.....if you are a member of the 405th....you probably have paint, you might have sewing paraphernalia, what ever.....do some art work as a family.....have a contest of who can draw the silliest inanimate object as an animal.....or how many circles you can draw in a square in under a minute.....draw a maze and have someone else try to navigate it......hell, even get a paint by numbers package......doesn't matter what, just something. Every day, do something different. Mix it up. Plan at least 2 nights to have a family movie night each week. Let everyone vote on a movie and have some family time....don't forget the popcorn!!!

#2 Exercise. Being Sheltered in place does not mean that you are under house arrest. You will not get arrested if you go outside for a walk, run, bike ride. Keep social distance but go out as a family....I went out w/ my family last night just to walk around the block.....getting stir crazy just being in the house for so long....and I don't start furlough until tomorrow and I'm already seeing a touch of cabin fever. Getting exercise is a great way to build up your immune system according to medical experts....so now would be a great time to get off you asses and move. Even if its just for a walk around the block. Sitting and staring at the same 4 walls is not healthy....and is just going to depress yourself. Put this into a daily routine. You'll feel much better about yourself and your outlook.

#3 Stay in contact w/ friends and family....especially those that aren't feeling well or under quarantine. It is the obligation of every Jew to visit the sick. But with the virus as it is, it isn't possible, so we do the next best thing. Call them. Keep the lines of communication open. A friend of ours is under quarantine and was afraid to go out and get some needed supplies for her family. If my wife didn't call her on a regular basis, she might have gone out and exposed others. We got her what she needed and left it outside her front door. I'm sure in the days to come, someone might need help like this. If you can help, do so. But remember be smart and safe. Social distance and 0 physical contact is the way to go in that department. But talking on the phone is a 0 risk event. Have fun w/ this one.

#4 The Honey-Do list. If you are married, you know what this is. Its the laundry list of things around the house/apartment that your significant other has been pestering you to get done. Honey do this.... honey do that. Now is going to be the best time to get these done. Granted, you might have something that needs supplies that you can't get due to closures of supply stores, but I guarantee that there are a few that can get done w/ what you have on hand. Sit down w/ them and write out this list. Making the list for some reason solidifies your resolve for completing a task or project better than just saying "I'll get it done tomorrow".

#5 Housekeeping. Not much to say about this that you shouldn't already know. It might be a good time to go through that junk draw and clear out the attic of cobwebs. Staying home is not an excuse to leave dirty laundry on the floor or your jacket hanging on the dinning room chair for days on end. And heaven help you if you leave the toilet seat up or a clump of hair in the shower to pool around the drain.

#6 Remain calm. This is going to be the hardest thing to do. For those of us that are type A personalities, it will be even harder. Sitting and doing nothing is virtually an impossibility..... but think of it as a challenge not self imposed punishment. How long can you remain still. Meditation. Give it a try. Its going to take time for a cure or inoculation to be created and distributed. Weeks if we are lucky. Months if we aren't. But it is what it is. We can't change that but we can change how we feel and react about the situation. Make the best of it. Re-connect w/ our loved ones or strengthen that bond. These will be trying times to say the least. Confinement is not always easy for people, and may even strain people's relationship. Remaining calm is the best thing to do until things return to normal.

#7 Prayer. Granted, here at the 405th, we try not to bring politics or religion into our cosplay, but for some people right now, its a life or death situation. I don't care if you believe in God or not, it not my place to instill my beliefs or preach to you about God or religion. We each have our own faith and our own beliefs. That's why God, who ever that is for you, is so great. You believe as you believe....or not....that is your right. But Prayer is different. You can pray to God....or just pray that you, your family, your friends remain safe and healthy. That has nothing to do w/ religion. Its just a hope that everyone you love or care about is safe. You can do that much. Every religion has prayers....especially the Jews. We have prayers for just about everything under the sun, moon and stars. And yes we have a prayer for plagues......several even. Enclosed are 2 of them translated in to English for your reading interests.

Everyone please be safe during these troubled times. If anyone wishes to talk or just to voice concerns, you are more than welcome to chew on my ear.


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