Calgary Expo - April 23 - 26, 2020


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Hello Elvis!

You are most welcome to join us for whatever your schedule permits!

Viper 466

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For the Table I have the following I can bring:
1 M-45 Tactical Shotgun
1 M7 Suppressed SMG
1 Boomco Spiker
1 Mattel Energy Sword *forgot I had this for a second*
1 Resin coated pepakura Halo Reach: UNSC Marine/UNSC Army helmet

I'll only pack what works best for us, I know we're sort of guns overload right now so I don't wanna add confusion to that all.
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1. Do we have ideas for content we could play on a TV that is NOT copyright stuff?
We have the slideshow used on the Pacific Booth and at HOD of various regiments in armour. We can trim that down to just Canadians and add some recent updated photos from everyone.

2. Are any of you willing to set up specific shifts to do demonstrations at the booth for working with foam etc.?
I can do some early morning shifts to make either simple helmets or basic props. If there's no power drop I'll do a quick build Recon helmet since that doesn't require extreme heating of foam, an M6 of some kind and maybe another if there's time.

Also for free use/photobooth props I'll have the following in a tote
H-165 FOM (photo booth or display)​
M45 (display)​
M6C (photo booth or display)​
M6C/SOCOM (photo booth or display)​
M6D (photo booth or display)​
M6G (photo booth or display)​
MA37 (photo booth or display)​
Mauler (photo booth or display)​
Needler(BoomCo) (photo booth or display)​
Plasma Pistol(Jasmin) (photo booth or display)​
Spiker(BoomCo) (photo booth or display)​
possibly an Energy Sword (photo booth or display)​
Viper is adding
1 M-45 Tactical Shotgun​
1 M7 Suppressed SMG​
1 Boomco Spiker​
1 Resin coated pepakura Halo Reach: UNSC Marine/UNSC Army helmet​
iac300 is adding
1 MA5C (photo booth)​
1 MA5D (display)​
1 BR85HB (photo booth or display)​
1 BR55SR (photo booth or display)​
1 M73GPMG (display)​
2 M6C (photo booth or display)​
1 ODST helmet (display)​
2 ODST shoulders (display)​
1 ODST chest plate (display)​
1 UNSC halo 3 Marine suit (display)​
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TurboCharizard - I was just talking to Jedi Ranger about that very thing - playing a slideshow. Do you think we could easily add in a booth schedule? We'd need to be able to make it editable on site though as things frequently change. Jedi Ranger's TV is capable of playing from a USB stick.

As for items that can be brought for the booth - especially those of the prop/costume variety - please note what your intention is for these items - display (lookie but no touchie) or for use in the photobooth (lookie, touchie, wearie). We definitely will thin out what we need once we have a good idea what is available and once that happens, I also would like everyone to label the pieces with your name and what level of access it has. That way whoever is working at the booth can easily tell if someone is allowed to touch or not.

Does anyone have a pylon kicking around?


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I’ll see about bringing lysol wipes and such (bonus of working in pharmacy) if it’s within flight regulations.
-face masks are on backorder within Canada right now as well.


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I’m bringing a weapon rack for the photo booth where we can store photo booth props, and I have an ammo can that I can bring along for set dressing.
Prop list includes
X1 MA5C (photo booth)
X1 MA5D (display)
X1 BR85HB (photo booth or display)
X1 BR55SR (photo booth or display)
X1 M73GPMG (display)
X2 M6C (photo booth or display)
X1 ODST helmet (display)
X2 ODST shoulders (display)
X1 ODST chest plate (display)
X1 UNSC halo 3 Marine suit (display)

Being local transportation is a non issue for my gear


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I think we can get some wipes here, Allayna, but thank you SO much for offering. I don't want you to have the hassle of trying to fly with it.


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FANGS it’s not a problem for the smaller stuff.
I get major discounts on these anyway, but picked up what I could find. I’ll still pack a container of wipes for the booth if no one else can get any. (All wipes are currently backordered in ON as of this morning, but someone was saying it’s cross-country now)

Worse case, I get my luggage checked prior to boarding :cool:

What i have in supply;
Disinfectant wipes (containers) x 2
Hand wipes (packets of 20) x 3
Purell sanitizer

TV slideshow:
Not sure if it would be of much help, but if there’s interest and it meets the requirements, I could bring a usb as well with the Halo videos from Calgary 2018, HOD, and any images I have on my harddrive to add to the mix? I can render anything without audio, re-edit for less effects for a smoother playback cycle too.
Just a thought :)
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Do we want to start a discussion in a new thread, on possible alternative plans/get together in case Expo is postponed in April? Would the out-of-towners still want to come to Calgary for the weekend?


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Jedi Ranger I personally would love to still go to Calgary and hang out with people if the Expo happens to get cancelled. (So long as domestic flights are available)

Update for those in the Airbnb:
I finally received confirmation that due to Covid-19, the reservation qualifies for a full refund if we need to cancel despite it being outside the April 14th cutoff by the site.