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~CHAINGUN OF DOOM WIP~ (Picture Heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Warbringer, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Warbringer

    Warbringer New Member

    People of the 405th I present the unfinished Jorge Chain gun. I am currently making this gun for my good friend Justin for Christmas, we recently made a trip to the local Game Stop and he sprung a fast one on me. We had gone in the store to look around, and he bought the Halo Reach Legendary edition for me totally catching me off guard. So I had to think fast, and this is the result.

    I still need to do all the the detailing/bondo work, along with the handles, barrels, and side mounted ammo box. Hoping the weather is nice tomorrow so I can get started on the bondo work.

    Tell me what you think, and if I should make any changes. :D

    Completeness: 55%
    Title: Jorge Chain gun.
    Start date: 12/1/10
    Current Hight: 5'
    Current Weight: About 8lbs
    Materials used: EVA foam, cardboard, and hot-glue.
    Current cost: $25

    Day: 1


    Day: 2


    Day: 3


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  2. Kamaro

    Kamaro Jr Member

    this is amazing!
    can't wait to see it finished
  3. SPRTNBD50

    SPRTNBD50 Well-Known Member

    WOW!!! I have to say, THAT IS SO AWESOME FOR SCRATCHBUILD!!!! Seems like we found another Scratchbuild master.
  4. Swift

    Swift Member

    Warbringer, you just blew my mind O:
  5. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    That is one awesome looking scratch built chain gun! One thing you can do to make it look cleaner is to sand the edges of the foam parts and maybe fill in the gaps with paper mache. Then, sand the paper mache and coat it with mod podge before painting. That is what I did to my UNSC trooper armor. Other than that, I'm sure your friend Justin will be blown away by your chain gun! :)
  6. Akademee

    Akademee Well-Known Member

    haha! This is great! I am seeing more and more people add EVA foam to their builds! But I am making mine out of cardboard!
  7. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    Good looking scratch build. Awesome job!
  8. Warbringer

    Warbringer New Member

    Thank you so much everyone! Well the weather was great today and I was able to apply a good deal of bondo, and will be sanding it down tonight.


    I am hoping tho that I am off again tomorrow, and the weather is just as fine!

    The EVA foam is a great gap filler I used it mainly because, I didn't want to have to copy so many shapes to get my thickness cut down on time greatly. Plus, I love how when bondo is put on the foam its almost like a football helmet hardness. Bends but not too much. Oh, and its light!

    Thank you for the tips! I haven't never tried my hand at paper mache, or the mod podge either, I will defiantly have to look into it in future builds.
  9. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    HOLY!!!!! that is amazing man!!!! it is also amazing that you did that in 3 days!!!! very nice work man :O
  10. jc047

    jc047 New Member

    its coming along awesome dude. glad to be working on it with you and really appreciate you making it for me. i am sooo stoked to see it finished. need to get some shots showing how big it is in comparison to one of us. its pretty well to scale with what Jorge's gun is. need to get this knocked out and get back to work on completing our first set of gear.
  11. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    That will look so great when its done, its better than pepakura details.
  12. ForgedReclaimer

    ForgedReclaimer Well-Known Member

    That guns looking Epic, the detail is awesome.

    That foam is getting used a lot these days, i should buy some so i could actually build something for once lol.
  13. ACDCrockr209


    Dude, that chaingun is looking killer!!

    Your friend is going to be the next n64 kid or the blastoids kid!

    By thw way, how did you take jorge off of his stand? Don't tell you broke him off of the statue's base!

  14. Warbringer

    Warbringer New Member

    OH GOD NO! Lol, its the Jorge McFarlin toy.
  15. ACDCrockr209


    That's good to hear.

    Anymore pics on the chaingun of doom!

  16. Warbringer

    Warbringer New Member

    Sorry guys, and gals as of right now there are no update pictures I did get to slap some bondo on the gun before the temp droped to 30, and 40 degrees, nothing worthy of a picture tho. But we are working on a solution to the temp problem, first-up gazibo/windbreaker with heater. So expect some pics within the next week.
  17. darknemisis

    darknemisis Member

    very well done, I bet you have fun building from scratch
  18. HaloGoddess


    This is looking really cool so far. I like it. :p

    That is definitely going to make one helluva gift! I think your friends mind might be blown away when he gets that! haha I know if somone made me some awesome Halo prop for christmas, I think I would have a seizure! LMAO

    When he gets it, you will have to post his reaction, or maybe try and video record it! haha

    fXkq.gif UrJt.gif 2tSa.gif oCRg.gif WJ8t.gif

    Attached Files:

  19. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    I think he can be unscrewed from it.
    i has a noble team statue on mah shelf with all mah halo stuff,
    my legendary helmet, the better helmet i made, halo wars legendary stuff.
    And a crapload of figures, with some actionclix figurines as filler,
    oh, and an actionclix warthog. Wish i could afford the scarab.
  20. Patryn

    Patryn Jr Member

    What a chaingun of doom build! A very great use of materials and a masterful hand at work here! Get a heater so we can see some more awesome-sauce!
  21. Grave Hawk

    Grave Hawk Member

    I'm with Patryn I hope the heater works out because this beast deserves to be finished so that all may see it's glory. Looking forward to it, keep up the awesome work!
  22. Spartan 279

    Spartan 279 Jr Member

    wow. that looks really beast to me and i love the details. i hope you get to finish it soon and have some fun.
  23. jc047

    jc047 New Member


    newest pic of the chain gun of doom from the guy who's getting it, Justin. sorry its not farther along guys.. we've been having some issues with the weather. once it gets warm enuff again we will start adding the finishing touches.

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