CNC Machined Halo weapons. Pure UNSC Bada$$ery. Airsoft builds :D


Been kinda busy with school and work so I haven't really had time to get much done. The handle for the SR came in and looks pretty sweet. I'm gunna see if I can find someone to machine the mag next week.


I also started squaring up the pieces for making the bipod legs. I should be able to finish off the bipod next week.

I also started the longest print in my 3D printing history. I'm now printing the left front section of the BR and it's taking up just about the entirety of my print bed (11x7in) and clocks in at just under 72hrs of print time. Wowza!




The print still has about 48hrs as of the timestamp on this post. So looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

And for more of a personal update, I will be going to my first Con next weekend. Going with some friends to C2E2 with my hodge-podge of armor that I've made over the years so that should be sweet. This year (once I finish school) I will be working on a more legit ODST suit. So looking forward to that! Also, I've started a Facebook page: Stonewall Replica Armory (@SRAprops) for the guns that will be available later this year and to get the most recent updates. Swing by and check it out!

Stonewall Replica Armory

Welp, back to work!


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Machined stuff looks so nice. Someday I'll learn to do it...someday. Progress seems to be going pretty well, keep it up man!


Hello again everybody! It has been quite a long while. My sincerest apologies, but life has been pretty crazy in the last month. However, I was finally able to get some major progress made over the last several days that I hope you will all enjoy :D

Tl;dr: I'll be molding soon.

Now the long version:

I have finished printing everything save for the actual charging handle. And with everything being printed, I have started preparing the pieces for molding. So basically it's a lot of sanding. I had to modify some of the parts to get the gearbox and hop up unit to fit properly. I tried to design the body features to help align the gearbox, but they just ended up making too tight of a fit so I had to take a dremel and some sand paper to some spots. The two main body assemblies were epoxied together to form the two halves. The major cracks were filled in quickly with spotting putty and sanded before priming.






(Sneak peek at another project of mine too ;) )




Once both halves had the major cracks filled in with the first pass of spot putty, I gave everything a coat of plastic-binding primer. I wanted to achieve two things; the first primer would adhere to the plastic before I did any filler primer, and the red would help distinguish any spots that I had not covered between primer layers.


The next step was to apply filler primer since they 3D printing tends to have voids in the print lines. I did print everything at maximum resolution (.1mm print layers), but the top still has some evidence of print lines. The bottom side that was printed on the raft has some rougher print lines that I will probably have to tackle with the spot putty, but those are of less concern since they are not likely to be very visible after the halves are assembled anyways.




So this is where I'm at as of right now. I have picked up two gallons of silicon and two gallons of resin for casting. I should hopefully be taking my first crack at mold making tonight or tomorrow. So that's it for this update.

Be sure to check out my FB page for the most recent updates! Thanks for the support!
Stonewall Replica Armory

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BR is looking awesome and so is the sniper.... I just don't see too many garages with a missile hanging from the ceiling!!!


BR is looking awesome and so is the sniper.... I just don't see too many garages with a missile hanging from the ceiling!!!

I was curious how many people would catch that haha. We're kinda big into rocketry around my house. That's one that my Dad's been working on for a while. He has is Level III certification. I think it runs on an N motor... I know the one he certified with was an M motor. I've only got my Level I certification.

And little mini update:
Confirmed that I am able to mount conventional optics other than just the traditional BR-85 sight.. So I tested it with a replica ACOG (eye relief doesn't quite work haha). But this way, people can put on whatever they want to customize their BR.



Hey guys and gals! It's been quite some time, but I am quite close to having the finished product. Molds are nearly done. I have some electronics ordering that I have to do today for the ammo counter and the optic, and a couple more molds for the few remaining small pieces. But some major progress has been made in the last month, so let's get to it.

So over the last month, I've been finishing the BR85 to hide the seam lines and fill in the print lines. I picked up some Mold Max 30 for the silicon molds and clay since these all have to be two part molds. I started with the small pieces to learn how to work with the material so the molds for these may be a little rougher. But the part impression turned out very nicely.




And the Left body piece went on a big piece of foamboard.



This was boxed up and I put alignment keys everywhere. The same was done on the Right side.


And then the silicon was poured. It requires about a gallon for the top sides, and about 3 Litres on the bottom. The left side mold is done, and the right top mold is currently curing. The bottom mold will be poured tomorrow morning. I will be casting my first part either tonight or tomorrow depending on the time I have. But a full body pull will be one by this weekend.


Here's the left side's finished mold pieces:


One side of the magazine is also done. The other side dislodged from the clay and is completely encased in silicon. I will have to re-do that mold as well.

I was also able to get just a little time in the mill last week. I finished facing one of the bipod legs and I got the magazine release pieces and the buffer tube mounts cut to length.


So that's about it for today. I know it's been a while, but life, ya know? Either way, I will have some finished product for you guys pretty soon! Thanks for the support.
Feel free to check out my page Stonewall Replica Armory (link below) on FB for the most up-to-date progress status and for more pics than what I can post on here. See you guys soon!

Stonewall Replica Armory
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