Cold in Texas Sucks


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For those of you who don't know me. My name is Ben Streeper and I have been making armor for a while. I had a nice little shop set up in my barn behind the house. A long time ago we used the barn to make levels with my uncle, as time moved on and he passed away the barn and its tools just kind of sat. After hurricane rita the barn was not in the best of shape but most of our tools made it and, it was a good area for armor making. This started our little adventure in costuming. Many costumes have been made in this place but last week (the night of my birthday) after the rain it got down to 28 degrees. Something that you don't see very often in south east Texas, and the roof of our barn caved in. It's not the biggest deal because no one was in there, and no one was hurt, but almost all of my costuming stuff is/was in there. I now have to make many new molds of armor pieces and have to repair my 6ft statue (as he was damaged) I also am trying to salvage my muckle which may be lost to me. I do have some armor pieces I have made and hopefully I can mold/cast those to repair the statues, but I may have to just build them up with bondo/ fiberglass and carve. I will let you know when I have made new molds for those of you who were interested in armor, but my first priorities will be trying to fix/ replace my statues. Sorry for venting......

Don't leave your stuff in a barn that has been through a hurricane in the cold after the rain.

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Sorry Ben, I know you've invested more into your beautiful armor than most of us. That must have been a nasty birthday surprise.

Good luck getting everything back up and running again.


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Wow - that's really not a good way to begin the new year. Sorry to hear about the damage and the best of luck getting everything back up and running. I didn't know that your statues were in there too... :(


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Adam said:
perfect excuse to rebuild muckel into h3 armor
yeah what I can of it, most of the muckle is pretty thrashed, I did have some parts I have poured of it, but I hadn't made a back piece, or a chest piece yet and those are gonna be hard to fix. I will probbably have a wierd looking muckle, but it should make for a "new"ish armor. Just not the best thing for a b-day present. Luckily i have the 6ft too, but I don't know how well that will place into the muckle.
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SPaRtaN-1I7 said:
It's raining Down Here... But It's Still Hot As Hell :cool:
I know, it's wierd. And to Ben, that sucks, and good luck with rebuilding.
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Bummer. Hope everything's not a loss. I guess now your GamerTag is a bit ironic, no?
This winter has been pretty mild in Texas. Remember that Freak Snowstorm back in 2003/04?
And we had a really hard ice storm about a year ago! I guess we don't get it often, but when we do, it's big.


smilie120 said:
Wait what do you americans class as cold? Because 28 degrees is like a heatwave in the uk!
I agree with oyu there Smilie, cold for me is about 7 degrees here in New England, but in Texas its usually warmer, BUT, on topic, Good Luck with everything Ben. - Ice
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Sucks that happend to you.

But I live in Alaska, 28 is a good day. We don't have huricanes up here but we have 100mph winds on a regular basis.


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allright you brits , im sure he means 28degree F not celsuis , which means below freezing. dam metric system anyway :)

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armygetin said:
dam metric system anyway :)
yea but we get to order 'a royal with cheese'

anyway, i realy hope you dont have to much... hmm... i dont know the word for it but its that horible feeling in your stomach after you discover something you treasured/ work on very hard has been damaged/destroyed. and if you do have that feeling, i hope it goes away very soon.
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