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New recruit here. Was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a list of resources I would need to start my first build. I have never done any sort of prop or armor building before so any help would be greatly appreciated.
For the very, very broad list of reading to get you started there is a list of tutorials that's extremely helpful.

The one downside with that is that there's a lot of reading there and if you're new to building things it can be very daunting. You said you've never done prop or armour building before but have you worked with scale model airplanes, woodworking or even just messed around with cardboard boxes before? All of those have extremely transferable knowledge that helps get you in a mindset for building cool stuff to wear as armour.

Just remember, if you ever get stuck there's a bunch of us here that were in the exact same first step as you are now not so long ago. Ask questions, dig around a bit to see what other people are working on and don't be afraid to send a message or two if you need help. Costumers can talk for hours about their work if you let them.

Welcome and good luck!

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He basically covered everything but...
Some tips for stuff, be patient, take your time, focus on quality but don't be mad if it's not a great result the first time just keep going perseverance is key, ask for help, why do you think we're here wasting our time on the forum if not to help each other.
That's basically it from me.


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Like turbo said start with cardboard or even pepakura and once you got the hang of it transfer it over to foam or stick with pepakura if you find it easier to understand. I just jumped feet first into hell with that and had no clue what I was doing. I found tutorials on YouTube from angelegend, I may not have been making the exact suit he was but I found it very helpful. But slow is smooth when it comes to this, take your time and take breaks so you dont burn yourself out and get tired of building.
And again welcome to the 405th