DMR Reach Nerf Mod

the mack

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that is SICK bro!!! that looks amazing, i'm in awe (bows down) lol. looking forward to more pics.

Air Navy

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Simply incredible. The more I surf the 405th, the more amazed I am at the stuff I find. You are a genius and master craftsman, my good Sir. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

Rancid Musk

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Thank you all for the kind words and appreciation. Not may people get it and it is an honor to share with people like you. It took 9 months but I enjoyed it a lot.

I had no plans. I used a lot of reference pics from other 405th members. The wood work was hand carved with a file after I rough cut with a band saw. The plastic work (other than the rails)were hand cut. The rails I used a ball tipped milling machine. The counter took a few trial and error to get the circuit right. The metal work I used a Dremel.

Thanks again. Keep on inspiring.


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I opened this link not expecting much since it is a fairly new thread, maybe a WIP with sodacan boxes taped together, and I saw it and loudly said "Holy $^@%" without intending to. Impressive work for sure.


From the first pic, would have never suspected a nerf/toy weapon. Take that up to the local shooting range and see how many double takes you get. It looks like the real thing with the upper rail and scope, then the flashlight/laser up front. Did your wife say it is too realistic? Very cool rifle.


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I so wanted to make one of my nerf guns look like a gun from Halo, and this shows me it can be done well. This is really motivating me to try my best in my work and hopefully make something this amazing. Great job! I couldn't tell it was a longstrike until I saw the unpainted pictures. Again, great job with this, I love how it turned out.


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Hi ... sorry for my English... It is possible for you ''to give'' your plan... THANK You
And IS VERY EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!