Do you guys want halo 5 to fully come to pc?


Title says it all. Personally I really want halo 5 to come over as a full game to pc, although I know it's unlikely. I've been really getting into pc gaming these days, and I wish 343 would let us play halo 5 with playlists on pc (I mean seriously, they already have all the maps, forge capabilities, and playlists) Either way, halo 6 will be released on PC, so that'll be fun, but I really would like to play some halo on pc until that day comes. Before anyone comments, yes I do know about halo online, but I like classic halo matchmaking.
I think it would be great if they made PC for all the Halo games. Maybe not cross-platform servers though. I only got an Xbox in the past year or so, so I understand the pain of those who want to play Halo but don't have a console.

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I think that adding cross-platform capabilities is great! I am just a bit skeptical on a few things:
1) How will they do competitive gaming? Will they just let people play both on keyboard and controller at tournaments? (not that this affects me but just curious)
2) PC is much easier to maneuver around in than console. There will be a bit of an unfair advantage to all PC players who are going against Console players.

I will say though that I have been thinking about moving to PC for gaming, so this really is gonna pressure me into it!


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Defineatly, It'd be really fun to have a PC Based halo game that doesn't get kicked off the market instantly be the devs