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i think we need a forum for posting pics that you drew or somthing becuas ei belive we have many good artist on this site...so...we need a place to put some of our pics becuase i think that would be cool, becuase i want to see wat some people have drew...errr drawn? idk english sucks.
Page in my sketch book.

and here http://www.mjolnirarmor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=434
i am confused on adams picture XD i dont know if thats actually his work or from a magizine some parts or what o well, good work ;-)
ok i wan tot change this to we need an artwork forum in general (drawings, clay stuff, legos, ...poop sculptures.....stuff) becuase well its would be cool, anyways im gonna post some lego thing in a little.
Dreg said:
Nice warthog, I think think has a few ahlo legos

you mean link? not think hahahahhaahahahahha well i didnt think the pics where that big next time im just going to post the url.
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hey link your helmets are on ebay XD. Theres tutorial on how to make molds for helmets for lego people somewhere.......hmm ill find it
more pics
Front of warthog/roof is off

Side no roof

In the warthog,speedometer

Top/no roof

side top /roof

Gonna post some more in a while cant find the usbdrive i put my the rest of my pics in, it has a gauss turret.
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