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    It is entirely possible we missed some things. We had to do a LOT of shuffling/sorting/decision-making when trying to get those in order. There were many times where two files appeared to be the same item in which case we tried to pick the more complete or the "better" (I use that word carefully as I don't want to offend anyone) one. I am sure there are instances where we left something out, thinking it was a duplicate.
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    Tomorrow I will update on the build. Just got back from a wedding and kind of trashed. Fixed the circular portion so they are indented and as predicted the back section corrected itself when the rest of the templates were added except for one part that I will work on when I resin the first outer layer. It just needs a bit of a pinch so a regular clothes pin should do the work and hold it to the correct angle. I’m not going to start from scratch but will definitely get that side piece to add later on and be able to plot out the face with the same file. Thank you so much guys for your help. I can’t thank you guys properly on my phone (again kind of.......ok really trashed) to send out “mentions “ now...... so I hope you get it when you read this. Thank you!!!!!
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    giphy-downsized (26).gif Stop the world I need to get off............

    IMG_0746.JPG IMG_0748.JPG

    Ok so it looks better.....as I said last night...... (which......is a bit fuzzy :confused:)...... the back needs a bit of a pinch on the inside to realign. 4shared isn't being nice and my work computer thinks it's a bad place so I can't open that file.........full of nasty spyware and viruses.....Once I finished putting in the missing lower pieces, the majority of misaligned spots pulled themselves together and looks good. I'm going to cut out those bulbous sections and splice in a new piece. Going to make it indented as Emile's helmet is. That's all for now.....going to take a few more Tylenols and drink a few bottles of water......and make the same vow I did the last time......."never again".........until the next time....
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    Even though the file turned out to be the wrong version, it still looks really good.
    I'm sure with your advanced pep skills, it should take too long to fix things.
    Hope the world slows down enough for you today to be able to survive so you can get back at it again. Good luck.
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  5. Dirtdives


    At least we have a few inches of snow here so I can stick my head into it. Like this guy.......

    200w_d (2).gif
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    You still have snow???
    Everything melted away a couple of weeks ago in my neck of the woods. 20180322_110928.jpg
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    It just snowed yesterday....we got hit w/ a Nor'easter storm.....6-8 inches in my area overnight. nothing major.
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    Ok so I put this bucket on the back burner for a bit and have been working on some side projects.......However I came to the decision that I didn't like the look of the non-Emile EVA helmet....His must be a variation of the EVA since it is a bit smaller and more "fishbowl on the head' look.....So with a bit of help from PerniciousDuke, I was able to get the best version of Emile's helmet. Thanks to Satchmo III for the unfold!! Here is where I'm up to so far:


    Originally I was thinking to just switch out the visors.....but there are too many discrepancies between the two....including the sizes themselves....so I'm just going to continue w/ this version. I though my Centurion helmet was hard to build.......this section alone to me almost 2 weeks to assemble. That's it for the moment.
  9. PaiganBoi


    Oh wow. With the thumbnail, I thought that was the back of the helmet. Jeez! did think there would actually be a pep for the Skull visor.
    Looks like a bloody but super cool pain in the butt.
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  10. Dirtdives


    It is a pain in the keister....monumental.....but its what we do, and love it.
  11. PerniciousDuke

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    That's looking great!
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  12. Dirtdives


    Thanks Duke, and thanks for finding the file for me........At thins point, the only time I have to myself leaves me at 1 piece per night.....slow moving but I'll get there.
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    That's the spirit! Progress is still progress and any forward movement on the project is still awesome. These high-detail helmets are looking great right now and once hardened and painted they'll only be better,
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